Note holders are not directly marketed to by nearly as many brokers as you might imagine.

note-holder-direct-marketingAfter the initial rush of mail they typically receive when their newly-recorded note first appears in the public records, we’ve found (through years of interactions with note holders and also by virtue of our extensive experience in holding notes ourselves) that after the initial 1-2 months, broker mailings then drop off drastically– to an average of less than one postcard a month!

So, that’s good news for you if you know how to take advantage of this situation, with the level of competition out there being as lousy as it is (most brokers have unbelievably bad marketing plans).

Recognize that a big, big opportunity exists for you to swoop in and market to these note holders after the initial 1-2 months pass and the competition drops off. Just pick any list that doesn’t consist of brand new notes.

Furthermore, follow-up marketing to the same note holders again and again is especially important for cultivating new business because people become motivated at different times. They’re only going to respond to you when they become motivated, so one single mailing is too “hit or miss”… you may or may not be hitting them at the point in time when they’re ready to sell.

So, to increase your chances of doing so, repeat your marketing message to the same people 2-7 times.

(This is also important for building credibility and trust as well as a strong recognition factor. People will only do business with people whom they recognize and trust, so you want to establish yourself as their “go to” source for help in cashing out of their notes.)

That’s all part of the science of direct marketing. Drill your message into the prospect’s brain by following up, following up, following up to cultivate all of that business that’s literally right there for the taking at any given time!

Side note: Also keep in mind that marketing can be automated. There are mail fulfillment houses that can do mass mailings for you on the cheap.

Also, don’t forget–you need to say the right thing(s) in your message. It always pays (if you’re new and unsure of what works and what does not work) to use proven marketing material that’s properly worded so that you can be sure that your campaign is truly on track to yield maximum response.

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