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Here you can order the highest-quality researched leads in the country at lower prices than you’ll find anywhere.

This list is better than any other list available for the price. This list is ideal for those just starting out and developing their marketing program on a budget. You receive all the information necessary to contact the note holder and vital information and updates not available anywhere else, including:

Removal of leads that waste your money, ensuring that you receive:

  • The most current mailing addresses so you reach the 15% of note holders who move every year.**
  • First position notes only.
  • Information about each lead you will receive:

> Note holder’s name and most current mailing address
> Loan date, Loan amount, LTV
> Sale price, County property is located, Property Use

View sample Basic Note Mailing List here

Special LIMITED TIME Pricing
Number of Records Ordered Base Price per Lead Discount % Special Price per Lead Minimum Order
1,000-1,999 .20 15% .17 $170.00 (1,000 Leads)
2,000 or greater .20 25% .15 ______

** All seller addresses are updated regularly. We always provide the newest address available. It should be noted that the older the list, the higher the expected return rate, since anywhere from 1.5% to 2% of addresses may become undeliverable with each passing year due to sellers moving to a new address but neglecting to notify USPS, deaths, etc. Consequently, a four year old list may have an undeliverable rate of anywhere from 6-8% which is actually very good for an older list since 15% of the population moves every year. The return rate on an non-updated list (which you would get from our competitors) would be over 40% so you are way ahead of the game by sourcing your leads through us.


We absolutely guarantee you the most information for the lowest price in the business.

Our lead sourcing will find you more leads then anyone, pulling between 10 and 20% more seller carry back leads in most counties than most data providers who only pick up leads where the seller’s name matches the lender’s name. In other words, the seller’s name and lender’s name must be an exact match for many other lists.

But our lead sourcing utilizes exclusive and proprietary data matching criteria, going much deeper to pick up misspelled names (very common when the data entry person must type over 100 wpm), changed names due to marriage or divorce (which are common times to carry a note) or instances where the property was held by a business or other entity and the note holder is in the personal name of the owner (this is common when an owner sells the business or retires). The database we utilize gives you access to over 500,000 leads.

We absolutely guarantee you will never purchase the same lead twice or have any gaps between orders.

We track every record from all of your orders. You never need to worry about records overlapping from one order to the next. Every record we send you will never appear in a future list when you purchase through us. We will always pick up right where we left off in your last order, so you never miss any leads from one list to your next list.


We offer the following guarantees about our records and will replace any nonconforming record with two free ones.

We certify the following is true and strive to deliver the following to the best of our ability:

1. We always offer the lowest-priced, highest quality seller carry-back leads available.

2. Our list consists of 100% seller carry-back note transactions.

3. All leads are run through certified USPS software to ensure 98% of your records will be delivered by the post office.

4. We never sell you the same record twice. We track your past orders to make certain records you purchased before are not sold to you again.

5. We attempt to eliminate all records note investors cannot purchase, including:

> Notes already paid off
> Second-position notes (unless you specifically request them)

6. You are authorized to mail the names you purchase as often as you wish with no additional costs.

7. You are given proprietary information to select and mail the best note holders multiple times.

8. Our leads contain more information about the seller carryback transaction then any other list provider.

9. This program focuses only on providing seller carryback leads (no dilution of efforts) and generally turns up more good leads that other list providers miss.

10. Your list will be delivered in almost any format you request.

11. We will work with your mailing company and send your list in almost any format they require, even if it is different then the one we send you.

12. You can customize the order and number of fields if you want to work with a smaller file.


While the statement above may be brash, we provide the proof to back it up. Not only do you have our guarantees as stated (which are unmatched anywhere), here are other benefits no other list provider can give you.

Benefits of working with The Note Investors Group

You gain from our combined 70 + years of experience in the note business, including mailing hundreds of thousands of mailers to note holders ourselves.

You always receive the best product for the lowest possible price. Our competitors may offer lists at a lower price, but you get what you pay for. Saving a few pennies on a lead never pencils out after factoring in the costs of printing and postage to mail to a bad lead.

What you get:

All Leads are guaranteed seller carry-back first position notes.

All Names included in each delivery to you are unique. You do not pay for the same name twice in an order. You never receive the same record twice in multiple orders. All leads include US Post Office formatted addresses to guarantee the highest delivery rate possible. All known leads with paid off notes and bad note holder addresses are removed, so you never waste printing or postage on notes you know you can’t buy.

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