Lead Generator Six Pack


6 proven, powerful attention-getting postcards & emails professionally customized for your business



There’s a very good reason marketing pros consistently rely on direct mail — IT WORKS. In fact, it works so well that according to the Direct Mail Adverting Global Marketing Report for 2022, direct mail marketing is projected to grow by a billion dollars this year.

And, if spending more money isn’t demonstrated proof of success, here’s ­another thing all small business should keep in mind. According to 25 Direct Mail Trends (whosemailingwhat), “postcards have greatly increased in popularity during the last year,” making it easier for small businesses like yours to use inexpensive postcards to build a powerful, low-cost direct mail program that generates leads and promotes your business.

Here’s one last fact to keep in mind that the USPS research has revealed: It found that not only do people love to get their mail; but also, on ­average, mail will generally stay in the house for at least 17 days. This simple fact means that the longer a mailing piece stays around, the greater the possibility it gets looked at and read.

In short, it’s not that difficult to see why marketing professionals continue to increase their use of direct mail from year to year. Now, you have a chance to use this powerful marketing technique without expensive development and production costs — because Note Investors does it all for you.


Note Investors’ new Lead Generation Six Pack is a professionally ­designed, ­extremely affordable year-long marketing program that’s perfect for cost-conscious small business owners like you.

It’s complete, ready to use and easy to manage, because we customize each marketing piece with your ­personal business information so that you’re freed up to quickly jump-start your marketing campaign.

This innovative new program consists of six attractive attention-getting postcards along with a complimentary set of emails containing a short, powerful, consistent and memorable message geared to your industry.

And, when you discover just how affordable it is for a year’s worth of marketing, you’ll quickly realize that no other program currently available gives you so much for so little.


Getting started couldn’t be easier. We do the customizing so that you don’t have to. Here’s how it works:

1. After you purchase your program, Note Investors will send you an email ­containing a form that you can fill in with your business ­information as you want it to appear on your marketing materials. In addition, you’ll find samples of the types of information that you may want to include. Simply send your completed form back to Note Investors and we’ll do the rest.

2. Upon receipt of your completed form, Note Investors will create a sample piece for you to review. Look it over carefully to make sure it’s correct; and/or indicate any corrections needed. Send it back to Note Investors. If corrections are required, a ­Note Investors team member will contact you to discuss it and then make the necessary changes.

3. Once you have approved your information as a it appears on an actual sample, your info will be added to each of the six post cards and the six emails. You will then receive a complete set of files ready to print on your color printer or use in an email ­campaign. You will also receive a comprehensive file ­containing easy-to-understand-and-follow suggestions for managing a direct ­marketing program. And of course, a Note Investors team member is ­always available to deliver personal support.

Whether you mail a few or a few hundred, by regular mail or email; whether you print yourself or at a copy shop — only the new ­NoteInvestors Lead Generation Six Pack provides you with maximum cost efficiency, ­flexibility and simplicity along with live ­support. It’s really that simple.


$349. Now only $269