About us

About us

NoteInvestors.com, run by the Nation’s leading experts with over 60 years collective experience, is the #1 Site for Discounted Cash Flow Industry training and resources, drawing upon a strategic alliance of key funders, note investors and educators within the Industry– and is dedicated to its continued growth through the development of a strong broker/investor community.

We foster new business development for our funders (who provide an invaluable service to private note holders by helping them to realize all-cash payouts in lieu of their future monthly payments) by developing extremely well- trained Cash Flow professionals through our industry-leading Cash Flow training, personal mentoring, and educational programs.

What sets us apart is our ability to to make “Industry Insiders” of our subscribers through step-by-step training focused on specialized areas of the Cash Flow Industry which are very much underworked by most beginners. We have gone to the premier experts in their respective fields to help you, the Cash Flow professional, identify just where the best opportunities are; how to “target” your marketing efforts in order to quickly gain a profitable foothold within these virtually untapped areas; and, most importantly, to provide you with someone who can “hold your hand” and mentor you through every step of your transactions.

Our course instructors are carefully selected for their unique ability to impart their personal successes in a highly motivating, easy-to-understand manner. Our staff has been invited to address professional investment and real estate groups all over the United States.

Additionally, our staff has lectured to legal and accounting groups for continuing education and advanced learning. Thousands of people nationwide have enjoyed and responded to our informative presentations. Our firm has authored many educational programs regarding discounted mortgages.

If you have any questions or would like more information about this web site or anything having to do with discounted mortgages or other cash flows, please contact us!