Certified Note Professional Registration


The path to CNP Certification involves hands-on training leading to formal recognition of expertise in the area of Real Estate Notes. Adminstered by the CNP Board of Standards within The Note Investors Group, the designation is awarded to individuals who successfully complete the CNP exam, then continue ongoing annual evaluation and/or competency testing in order to sustain the necessary skills, certification and dedication to ethical standards.



The Path to Certification

The Certified Note Professional designation is based on the course material contained within the Training Manual. Once you complete the course material, you can then sit for the exam that will test your knowledge. You must answer 70% of the questions correctly in order to receive a passing grade. You will be tested on the principles and application therof that will be covered in the course material.

You will be allowed one retake without charge if you do not receive a passing grade. Beyond that, there will be a reinstatement fee of $125 to retake the exam for which some of the questions may be replaced and/or the order shuffled for a 3rd and 4th retake.

Upon receiving a passing grade, you will receive a digital certificate which can be reproduced, imaged and/or printed/transposed onto the website or other medium of your choose will full rights to display the designation in your business communications.

As the designation is a widely recognized mark of excellence, all candidates and existing CNP holders must adhere to the CNP Board’s standards of professional conduct and Code of Ethics. Please note that all applications are reviewed by the CNP Board which has final discretion on whether to award the designation to an individual.

Additionally, ongoing annual reaffirmation/recertification is required in order to ensure that you are adhering to the standards set forth herein. The annual renewal fee is $95, charged to the card on file on the one-year anniversary date of signup (the date your digital certificate is actually delivered). You must also reaffirm that you are complying with the required standards contained within the Code of Ethics.

You can manually opt out of automatic renewal of CNP Certification up to 3 days prior to the one-year anniversary date by simply going to Cancel Auto-Renew of My Certification and you will not be charged.

Code of Ethics


The intent and scope of this Code of Ethics is to ensure commitment to the highest standards of professional integrity at all times in all dealings with people, to wit:

Act in a manner that reflects positively on the note profession and CNP certification

It is incumbent upon those of us in the note industry to ensure complete transparency in all of our dealings and interactions with buyers and sellers alike; to ensure compliance with all applicable state laws; and to ensure proper licensing as applicable for all servicers. No one is to be mislead as to authenticity or value of any note instrument transacted, and, furthermore,all dealings iwith funders and note holders alike are to be completely aboveboard.

To this end, no posting of client notes will be permitted in any online forum; all transactions are to be completely private and peer to peer. CNP designees are never to misrepresent their position in any note transaction whether acting as broker or buyer depending upon the individual situation.

Never defraud

Never make any untrue statement with regard to a material fact or omit a material fact in order to mislead a client. All practitioners must comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations governing the industry

Obligations to clients holding notes

Standards of practice- full disclosure of options and what to expect

• Always act in the client’s best interest in fulfilling the real monetary need.
• Keep the client informed at all times during the closing process
• Ensure that all viable options are made clear when presenting note purchase offers
• Clearly state cash offers and timelines for which seller an expect to receive and when
• Truthfulness and straightforwardness as to expectations from the onset of inquiry
• During due diligence process, respond to all note holder status requests in a timely manner
• In attempting to secure a preliminary agreement, shall not mislead seller as to market value of note
• Full upfront disclosure of any fees to be paid by the note holder.
• Avoid or disclose or manage conflicts of interest
• Maintain confidentiality and protect privacy of client information and maintain security of such information
• Loyalty, due care and adherence in following client instructions

Obligations to funding sources

• Ensure that all note submissions result from direct contact with the note holder.
• No note submissions to funders from 3rd party unless that third party is an authorized representative or power of attorney for note seller.
• All note submissions to funders must have all preliminary worksheets completed with initial reconciliation/verification of true outstanding balance, accuracy of terms with supporting documentation and verified payment history.
• Ensure that all funder requests for additional verification or info is requested/procured in a timely manner.
• Truthfulness and full disclosure to funder at all times as to your role/fiduciary relationship with note holder
• Full disclosure if representing both buyer and seller in a note transaction
• Shall present all purchase offers from funding sources as expeditiously as possible

Code of conduct

• Maintain integrity and aboveboardness at all times in dealings with all people
• Honesty, straightforwardness and fairness in interactions with all people
• Courtesy and politeness in dealings with all people at all times
• Treat others as you would be treated yourself by others
• Respect for your fellow persons at the most basic levels in all interactions
• Clearly, concisely, courteously and accurately convey yours or the funder’s position at all times during all discussions so as to ensure all parties’ expectations are met satisfactorily.
• Do not disclose confidential info except when necessary to complete due diligence /purchase process