How to Order Note Holder Leads

Hi, I’m Tim Fitzgerald, President and Founder of I’m going to show you how to order note holder leads from our website here at So we’re on the home page now and let me take you through the process of, first of all, locating the leads page. Just click up here on store or just hover over store and sift down to note broker leads. Go ahead and call up this program.

You can see we offer the leads themselves and also an optional postcard mailing program if you don’t have anything ready made yourself to send out to the note holders. This little program is an excellent option. But let’s go ahead and click through to the note holder leads. So we’re on the leads page. Up here, you’re going to select a, by the way, there’s a long description here of the leads and what you’re getting

and why we offer the best sourcing out there. We believe we offer the best sourcing out there. And you can look at the description here. But we’re going to show you the process of selecting and ordering the leads. So first thing, up here near the top of the page, get a little description here.

Oh, by the way, what I want to show you is what the leads look like. This is, I have a little link down about midway through the copy to give you an idea of what the leads look like. Now, we can deliver the leads in any format. Excel is the most commonly delivered format.

So here is a look at

what you’d be getting if you order the leads in Excel. Now, this list here is scrambled for purposes of demonstration. So we don’t want anybody just willy-nilly copying these and mailing people. The purpose of this spreadsheet right here is just to show you what the leads look like.

And here’s all the information we give. You know, we can, if you’re familiar with Excel, you know that you can widen these fields here

to your liking.

I’ll just go ahead and expand these fields just a little bit here.

You get the idea. So, up here, you know what, let me…

I’ll draw a little bit here.

So up here we have seller’s name. You’re going to be mailing to the note seller themselves. By the way, these leads are culled from the public records, but our researchers go many, many steps beyond what a heretofore traditional researcher would do because what we’re looking for here are privately held notes. We’re not looking for bank held notes.

We’re looking for privately held notes. Now I personally have done this myself at the courthouse or at the recorder’s office. But it’s been a lot, a lot of years since I’ve done that and it’s really a time consuming process. You’ve got to go and call through the records but really I mean the biggest challenges

note holders from the vast majority of the other notes out there that are being held. So we go several steps further as you’ll see. So this is a real time saver here. And by the way, I mean at under 20 cents a lead, this is just an incredible bargain. It’s going to save you just a ton of time. And we are targeting bona fide note holders who are

holding notes, I should say, with the exact parameters that our investors or you as a note investor or broker are looking for. So there’s just nothing wasted here at all. No junk here. Now, here’s the seller name. Here’s the mailing address right here. You’re mailing to the note seller’s address.

I get questions, well, what about the property address? Well, we’re going to give you property information, but the property address, well, that comes out when we get inquiries, right? Because we’re going to now concentrate on the seller’s name, what type of note they’re holding, and is it worth mailing to them? So here’s the seller’s address.

Now the sale date

will indicate

when the note was taken back. So you can see right here these are the examples we’re giving you older years. Don’t pay any attention to this really. I would recommend going back initially two years tops to start with until you get more experience and then you can go back further if you’re building a bigger bigger list. Alright and we can go into the reasons for all that

in later videos or other articles and things like that. Okay. So now here’s the sale price, next column here, sale price of the property itself. So you’ve got the date of the note was taken back. By the way, we can specify the states that you want. Right here, these are, this is the seller’s mailing address here, of course.

But the states are specified within the order that you’re gonna be sending in. In other words, you let us know what states you want. Okay, in this particular example, we’re showing you the county

of which of your specified state I should say. Okay. Now the LTV, all important, loan to value.

Loan to value. So, what we’re looking for at least

90 percent or less. All right, so in other words, we want sellers with, or we want buyers, I should say, or payers, with skin in the game. All right, we want to see that there was a down payment on the property. We want, we don’t want 100 percent. For example, right here, there’s 100 percent loan to value. That means that

no cash was put up or we can infer that no cash was put up at the time of the note was taken back and the note is written for the entire sale price of the property that’s not what we’re after here we’re after seventy one percent seventy percent to ninety percent eighty percent eighty is better than ninety seventy is better than eighty and so on and so forth all right so…

And by the way, this list is sortable. We can deliver the leads in any format that you want. Like I said, Excel is generally the preferred format in most cases. And if you’re familiar with Excel and how to manipulate it and how to work with it, or any of these programs, you can organize the columns. You can…

You can list or specify or sort, I should say, by loan amount or what have you. We could sort by any one of these parameters. And also, for mailing purposes, if you’re going to set up a mailing program by yourself, you can spit out hundreds of

mailings which you know you’re going to want to develop some speed and you can print out hundreds of mailings at a time using a mail merge program for example like Microsoft Word or you can actually uh… hire a mail service who does all this sort of thing for you so it’s not as if you’re going to be what you don’t want to be doing is sitting down and sending them out one by one you want to send out at least a thousand cards or letters uh… and i prefer postcards but

1,000 cards or letters minimum at a time or per month. You can do 3,000, that’s ideal. And your numbers are going to be better. But at least 1,000 to start. Okay.

So here we are back at the Note Holder Leads Leads page. And so…

we’re going to specify the quantity. Let’s say thousand leads.

We’re going to specify the date that you want. So let’s say I’m going to go back, this is the year 2023 right now. Let’s say we’re about midway through 23, so I’m going to go back to the beginning of 22, let’s say. So we’re going to begin at 22, January of 22, and we’re going to end the month I happen to be in right now, which is July

as i record this July of twenty three we’re going to come down here specify a minimum loan amount uh… you know i can usually include anything and everything but let’s say look for at least fifty thousand dollars

sale or about a loan amount, $50,000. Now, I’m in Illinois. But you can, by the way, you’re not limited to your home states or anything like that. Experienced brokers tend to cast a pretty wide net. Depends on how you’re marketing and what you’re looking for. The biggest states with the most note holders, as you might expect are

the larger states like Texas, Florida, California, for example.

But you can target whichever states you feel you want to target. So you want to, we require at least three choices of states. If for any reason we cannot fulfill the specified amount of leads for a given state, we’ll always communicate with you and give you alternatives and you have to okay it

before we send anything out. Let’s in this case select the neighboring states to Illinois. I’m just going to give you an example here. You can do this any way you want to. What did I have up here? Iowa. Let’s go with…

Let’s go with Indiana. And I’m just going to specify those. You know what? I’m going to go down here and specify Texas because I like the state of Texas.

A lot of good notes in Texas. All right. So that’s it. You’ve specified the states, minimum loan amount, and the dates, month and year. OK? Just add to cart.

And there you have it. Here are your totals

giving you the order summary and then from that point on, by the way, it’s telling you that or reminding you down here that if you’re interested in a mailing program with postcards that are ready-made customized to your business, you can, you might be interested in this program as well. So here’s where you proceed to the checkout. And so I hope I’ve helped you through the process of ordering leads.

Like I said, we simplified the process quite a bit. We have quite a few brokers. We have many, many brokers, hundreds really, that come back and reorder from us. So we have a lot of regular customers. So…

By the way, our lead supplier has been in business since I believe 1994. So, and they’re real brokers, you know, we’re really in the business here. We’re in the business of note investing and brokering, so we’ve been at this a real long time. And so I think you’re going to be pleased. Like I said, mail at least a thousand out at a time, ideally three thousand

at a time when you get going a little bit. And be sure and watch our other videos we have up here in our blog section because we’ll get into the process and the nuances of developing a mailing program. By the way, direct mail is just, I believe, the very, very best way to contact the people that we’re after. Alright, hope I’ve helped you. And uh…

Have a good rest of your day. Quickread…

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