You Stand to Reap Big Rewards by Doing Note Appraisals

As I’ve mentioned before in numerous articles, there is a major consensus among cash flow note brokers and investors that note APPRAISALS are increasingly in demand, especially from  attorneys, accountants and financial planners who handle people’s money matters every day. Because tax season is here, the next 4 weeks starting now will be especially rewarding to brokers who not only know how to market this valuable service but can also demonstrate professional accreditation.

In order to help you meet this considerable spike in demand for appraisals, especially in light of the increased business you stand to realize in the short term (not only are appraisal fees substantial but so are the brokerage opportunities that stem directly from delivery of this service), we have made the decision to offer the stand alone note appraisal program (normally not offered separate and apart from the larger Superpaper program) to those subscribers who want one @$395 this week only (we are only making up the exact # of programs ordered).

We are making this program just a bit more accessible because too many of you were shut out when 2-3 note appraisal programs became available at any one time (separate and apart from Superpaper) and each time without exception they’ve sold out immediately. So, to level the playing field a bit, here’s your opportunity to get your program and start doing business as a certified note appraiser right away.

Just to be clear, you will have professional note appraiser brochures as well as professional marketing materials that you will start distributing in your name immediately, and you will also receive one on one “hand-holding” through every appraisal deal; all appraisal documents will be provided you so this is the one and only COMPLETE note appraisal program in the industry.

If you want to take advantage of this offer, you’ll want to order today. This is a one-time offer, will NOT be ongoing and will end as soon as all requests are in (we are only making up the exact # of programs ordered). When you order now, you will be scheduled for a one-on-one full orientation immediately before the program is shipped out.

I know that you subscribers will be excited about this, but again please understand this offer is LIMITED to this week only and will end at our discretion. So if you know you want one, you will want to secure your program now. Click HERE to order.

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