Why THIS business opportunity? Potential earnings, That’s why!

Every single week (and this has been happening all year), I field a great many calls from excited Elite members who essentially tell me they really had no grasp as to the enormity and scope of the earnings potential because, in large part, they hadn’t considered all the different TYPES of potential business– that is, until they started their marketing and started fielding some interesting calls!

To elaborate, many people get into the cash flow business (at first, anyway) purely for the seller financing (real estate note) business that is now proliferating at an all-time high (now in the $billions which boggles my mind) but what happens in a myriad of cases is when they start working the Elite program, they are very excited to discover, early on, the DIFFERENT KINDS of leads they’re getting back from attorneys (who we show you how to market to within the Elite program).

To illustrate, I’ve had several calls from Elite members looking for me to help them place lawsuit settlements for funding– and what’s crazy (to me, anyway) is that up until they got the call from the attorney with the lead, oftentimes it’s just dawning on them FOR THE FIRST TIME that cash flows come in many flavors, shapes and sizes and that the potential business out there is actually in the $TRILLIONS, not billions!

Maybe you have no idea (or at least never really thought about or knew about it up until now) that when someone wins a court settlement for, say a million dollars, they don’t get handed a million all at once. They are paid off in dribs and drabs, over a period of months and years in the form of what’s called a “structured settlement”.

LOTS of people receiving these lawsuit awards are also (like many) unaware, at first, that there is a CASH market for them to tap into– and when find out that they can SELL their future payments for cash today, albeit at a discount, many will gladly go ahead and cash out so they don’t have to wait for their money. All you need to do is let them know you’re there to help them!

And when you market your business to attorneys using the tried-and true Elite Cash Flow Network Support System principles and approaches, your earnings potential is reaching critical mass MUCH faster than just marketing directly to individuals because not only do the attorneys refer you clients time and again (ultra-valuable repeat business) but they also EDUCATE the client at the same time and explain their options, acting as a buffer, so that by the time they refer you the client, he’s already practically sold!

(This is the case no matter WHAT kind of lead the attorney is referring to you… and, also, they can refer you MANY different types of cash flows– NOT just one type. That’s how you become a top earner– through DIVERSIFICATION so you’re not leaving any potential profit on the table for lack of preparedness or know-how.)

All you have to do is quote the client at that point and then write up the business. And do it again. And again, etc because, when you get an iron-clad referral system in place, it tends to build upon itself and generate its own steam (we show you how to do this). And if a  million dollar settlement is discounted and sold for, let’s just say, $800,000, give or take– even a scant couple of percentage points worth of that comes out to a cool $16,000.

See how exciting working with discounted cash flows can be?! This is why we have many “LIFE-ERS” in this business. We see them at the note conventions year after year, and you can see why they never want to quit!

HOW ABOUT YOU?? How would you like to do some “one stop shop” marketing– develop repeat business, get your card passed around in all the right circles, and have YOUR OWN network of professional referral liaisons working on your behalf??

If you can recognize the presence of big money that is effectively sitting right around the corner from you begging to be made (and in my experience that’s NOT an exaggeration at all), we have crafted an easy entry into the business for you… a “paint -by-the-numbers” turnkey program that will pay you back in spades for years to come. Even if you have NO experience (or if you do but you need better materials, connections and guidance), you will benefit greatly by becoming an Elite Cash Flow Network Support System member today. Go here to get started now:


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