Why the Non-performing note supply set to surge– and why you need to get in now

non-performing-notesWith 2014 already beginning to spell the financial opportunity of a lifetime- if not several generations– for individual investors (and brokers) to rack up serious income, you need to get your oars in the water now.

NPL offerings are, at the very least, set to double in 2014, to the tune of around $36 billion or more. (Yes, that’s “Billion” with a “B”)

With the big banks sitting on growing backlogs of non-performing and sub-performing mortgages that absolutely need to be sold sooner rather than later, we now estimate the weekly volume to be sold off this year will total as high as $3 billion. (In 2013, the average was around $1 billion per week, so you can see the enormous uptick here.)

If you know what to do, even if you are a little guy with no operating capital to speak of, you can generate a 5 or even six figure income, using other people’s money by working this arena but, if you’re going to do it, this is the year.

I think it’s time to stop sitting on the sidelines. Here is an excellent program to get you started. You are encouraged to send me your thoughts as well.

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