Using the POWER of Facebook to find notes galore

There is just such a buzz I’m getting from subscribers who are using our marketing materials and systems to generate leads “rapid-fire” through online powerhouses Facebook and Linkedin… so I wanted to address this now AND I want to point out that I’m seeing some other webinars out there that are rightly telling you about these outlets BUT are not giving you any guidance whatsoever on exactly what to say and what message to send AND ALSO they are dispensing very bad advice on how to approach banks IF that is part of your approach.

OK, here’s what you want to do: You use the EXACT approaches you find in our note marketing bible “How To Turn 90% of the People Who Won’t Sell Their Note Into Big Time Cash Profits” and you go to Facebook and search for the buzzword “attorney” (BTW this is just scratching the surface of all the buzzwords that we search for). You’ll find a ton. Go to  their profile and note their “likes”. You then target your Facebook ad to those exact “likes”. You only pay when the exact person you’re targeting clicks on your ad. Have the ad lead to your website OR your Facebook profile if you don’t have a website.

From there, you utilize the “How To Turn 90%..” program which will tell you EXACTLY how to present yourself.

And DO NOT neglect direct mail, either (which was the only method we used until the internet came along). Oftentimes, the contact street address is on the Facebook profile. Send your flyers and letters there AS WELL as emailing and posting on your site or profile page.

Now let me touch on the bad advice I’ve seen dispensed on some webinars. They tell you that you can also target ASSET MANAGERS the same way. That  much is true BUT contrary to what some people believe, you do NOT want to waste time chasing INDIVIDUAL NOTES if you go to these people. Rather, in this case you’re chasing PORTFOLIOS of at least $1 million because THIS is the way banks write off nonperforming assets.

So for ATTORNEYS, you’re chasing PRIVATELY-HELD notes held by clients of theirs. And in the case of BANKS, you’re chasing portfolios of non-performing notes…. NOT individual non-performing notes.

AND.. this is VERY, VERY important– when you develop leads there is NO NEED to bother with contracts yourself or go hunting for an investor. WE HAVE THE INVESTORS RIGHT HERE FOR YOU on the Elite Cash Flow Network Support System member website. That includes delinquent debt portfolios as well as individual seller-financed notes. Our Elite investors will pay you REFERRAL FEES for every closed transaction.

You need to know that I’m hearing from many very excited and enthusiastic Elite members every single day who keep finding new ways to develop leads and are unearthing lots of potential business. The activity level is almost unbelievable.


1. Use the Elite Cash Flow Network Support System in combination with “How To Turn 90%..” and you will never need to leave your house (unless you want to) to reach the myriads of key contacts out there that stand to generate substantial wealth for you this year as they refer you valuable repeat business. As the leads come in, you simply submit them directly to the Elite funders.

AND WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU WITH ONE ON ONE MENTORING EVERY STEP OF THE WAY if you’re an Elite member. No other company provides this kind of support anywhere, so I think you should not bother looking.

Link to the Elite program (you can also add the “90%..” program on from the same page):

Link to the “90%..” program “stand-alone”:

2. SPECIAL ALERT: One more professional camera-ready note marketing kit just became available (inadvertently separated from the Superpaper program). We have just one so I’ll throw this out there– the first person to reserve it gets it (and with it you will have 100’s of camera ready marketing pieces along with note buyer and note appraiser brochures that are easily reproduced to fit your Facebook or Linkedin profiles or website (we can assist if needed– just call us)– and they also comprise the most effective, proven direct mail marketing package ever devised for this industry. You can reserve the kit here:

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