Cash Flow Business Tip of the Week: Another very good reason for you to use Institutional Funders

institutional-note-buyersNow, here’s another very good reason for you to use institutional funders. These funders are looking for people like us; they want us and the referrals we can bring to them. What’s more, they will do most of the work; they will perform what is called “due diligence”– that is, they will ask all of the questions that a knowledgeable note buyer would ask in order to analyze and evaluate a potential transaction. Most people just starting out in this business are not yet well-versed on the right questions that need to be asked. So, you want to let the funder ask them for you. Then, the next time you go to a funder with a potential transaction, you’ll have a pretty good idea ahead of time as to what questions they will be asking. More importantly, you will know the right questions to ask of the note seller if and when in the future you buy notes for your own portfolio.

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