The SHOCKING truth about how to make big bucks in note brokering– in today’s market.

It’s absolutely SHOCKING as to how relatively FEW note brokers (about 20% of all brokers) are the ones making 80% of the money. When I say “the” money, I mean money that is paid out in referral fees by the funders. And, sadly, this is ONLY because 80% of NEWLY-MINTED brokers DON’T understand the way you need to MARKET. What are the 80% leaving on the table?? Oh, just an almost infinitely diverse UNTAPPED bonanza out there in future payment streams now being collected by individuals, entities and businesses that are BEGGING for cash in a pressing need to meet their obligations.
IF THESE NEWBIES ONLY KNEW how painstakingly simple and straightforward a good marketing plan can be.
(I need you to understand ONE thing right now: MOST of the business comes in when referral sources GET USED TO SEEING your marketing pieces and begin to RECOGNIZE you. It’s THAT simple! The top 20% understand this. Really.)
And when you consider that just ONE good referral source (an attorney, for example) might send you SEVERAL brokerable transactions per year (figuring your average fee per note transaction at $5,000) you can see that it DOES NOT take a Herculean effort to generate a FULL TIME income BUT you’ve got to start now and I mean yesterday. Get your marketing out there pronto because September is right around the corner and your pulse will quicken when you start to realize your money-making potential as the calls start coming in.
IF YOU’RE NOT  getting the results you want in your marketing, I would STRONGLY, STRONGLY urge you to implement our “How To Turn 90%..” program. It will show you how to SUPERCHARGE your note business. If you are an Elite Cash Flow Network Support System member, I’ll give you a $30 discount on it. To redeem, just enter “90elite” (without the quotes) where it says “enter coupon code here” on the shopping cart page (Elite members only may use this coupon and Elite membership will be verified, of course):

(P.S. If you are using a “Printable Order Form” instead of the online Shopping Cart, simply write “90elite” anywhere on the form and deduct $30 off the purchase price).

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