The Business Opportunity- make your fortune NOW in discounted cash flows

We know you’re interested in the Discounted Cash Flow Business because you’re HERE! So, let me tell you how you will benefit greatly and how you can get into it for VERY little capital.

First off, all you need to do in order to become very successful is invest in a LITTLE up-front education and then MARKET the business appropriately– and you can do this inexpensively (all you need to do is market consistently and professionally).

This a great business and it works extremely well for many people. Really, AWARENESS means everything to your success– meaning that you need to first RECOGNIZE the opportunities out there today.

Let me just touch on this for a second:

The vast majority of people you ask would say this country is in a shambles. But, if you look beneath the “cracks in the granite”, you discover OPPORTUNITY. And the opportunity here that many well-informed people are taking advantage of is the proliferation in the SELLER FINANCING market. (This is not very well-publicized, but the fact is seller financing has grown EXPONENTIALLY over the past four-plus years already.) That’s because there is a real lending crunch going on here– banks aren’t lending AT ALL as they used to– as underscored by the most pervasive topic discussed at the recent Mortgage Bankers convention– that being the dark cloud of uncertainty hanging over the lending industry that is choking off new loan origination because of the threat of NEW regulation- in short, it’s a mess.

(In my humble opinion, a government OVERREACTION in a rather misguided reaction to the housing bubble).

That said, I’m NOT complaining because these uncertain conditions are GREAT for the discounted cash flow business– a great many homeowners are now taking back financing themselves on the sale of their homes or other properties so as to facilitate the sale because many GOOD borrowers cannot get conventional mortgages. We’re NOT talking “deadbeat” borrowers here. We’re talking good, solvent buyers who need solutions to help them complete their purchases and sellers are stepping up to the plate and extending “seller carryback” financing to these buyers.

(Now, these sellers would rather NOT do this, of course. They don’t want to worry about potential defaults and they don’t want to WAIT for their money to come in the form of monthly payments– they want CASH now, of course. They’re only doing this because they HAVE to… and that’s where WE come in.)

And what WE do is “swoop to the rescue”– we refer these sellers to our growing network of funders (note investors) who purchase these seller carryback mortgages. The investor then assumes the responsibility of collecting the remaining payments off into the future AND pays the seller a lump sum of CASH which the seller desperately needs!

Here’s how YOU come in:

You can generate a substantial income stream for yourself by simply FINDING these sellers (we’ll show you how to do this inexpensively and consistently) and then REFERRING them to our network of funders. You then make substantial referral fees for every closed transaction you refer. Usually, we don’t get involved with any transaction where you’d make less than $3,000, and you can easily make anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 per transaction (it just depends on the size, or outstanding balance on the note you find).

You do the math— even if you do only one transaction every 2 months (and that’s being very conservative– you want to be doing several notes a month after you’ve been in business for awhile and learned the ropes)– figure $5,000 grand-scale average referral fee– you end up with $30,000 in a year PART TIME.

(Not to mention what you’ll make if you do this FULL time.)

Why would you NOT want to get your oars in the water and look for these situations?! It can pay off handsomely and it requires only a minimum amount of time and very little capital. You can do this IN ADDITION to any other business venture you’ve got going on.

You need to be mindful of the window of opportunity here, though. The year 2012 has ALREADY broken industry records in terms of volume and closed transactions (loans purchased and funded). With the housing market now ticking upwards (having seen a bottom by most accounts) and banks still handcuffed, I think it’s fair to say that fortunes are being MADE and LOST.

They are being MADE by well-informed cash flow practitioners, and they are being LOST by those who do nothing. That’/s about as bluntly as I can put it!

OK, now- how do you get started right here, right now, TODAY?!

The answer is quite simple and straightforward: we’ve got the program for you that will give you EVERYTHING– and I mean everything you need in a box. I strongly recommend you get it now!

It’s called THE ELITE CASH FLOW NETWORK SUPPORT SYSTEM. It’s our “baby” and no one else offers a mentoring program anywhere close to the caliber of ours. Get started with it right now and it will prove to be the most wonderful thing you can possibly do over the next DECADE for you and your family. GET IT NOW BY GOING TO THE FOLLOWING PAGE:





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