THE ELITE CASH FLOW NETWORK SUPPORT SYSTEM will show you how to make big profits in discounted cash flows

THE ELITE CASH FLOW NETWORK SUPPORT SYSTEM will show you how to make big profits in discounted cash flows

We at have developed a state of the art Cash Flow training program. Based on our experience as industry leaders in the cash flow business (and our status as the longest-running cash flow site on the internet), we’ve developed a five star elite training program which is designed to deliver the best results to help our members in the achievement of their goals. Here’s how it will help you earn big money.

The Elite Cash Flow Network Support System is the ONE program that delivers:

1. Direct access to funders. We put you directly in contact with our hand-picked institutional funders and/or master brokers who will assist you in closing your transactions and put up all of the money for your deals. We know of no other training program that offers this unique benefit. You take your note directly to the funder. There will be no guesswork involved on your part in submitting a note for quote and then having it followed through to closing… and you will also have all of the required forms you need. The funders handle all backend details of the transaction and pay you referral fees when your deals close. We have selected funders for the following cash flows; real estate notes, business notes, structured settlements (lawsuit awards), lotteries, business accounts receivable (this area is called “factoring”) and delinquent debt.

2. One on one personal mentoring is one of the most important and powerful components of The Elite Member program. As good as our training materials are (both the training as well as the marketing materials), there are always questions that can and will pop up. As an Elite Member you will be able to just pick up the phone and get an answer to your question. No need to wait for a scheduled conference call or some set hours. You just pick up the phone and you will have your questions answered. It is that simple.

3. FOR A VERY SHORT PERIOD ONLY You can add your own professionally-designed cash flow broker website ($275 VALUE) for only a small $50 upcharge with your OWN domain*** name/email address (choice of 17 eye-catching layouts). We are now delivering the ultimate tool that will establish your online presence, project a very high degree of instant credibility, and tell people EXACTLY what you do in a clear, concise manner. There are explanatory sections within each site that will FULLY explain to the visitor how you can help them cash out of their mortgage note, structured settlement, life settlement, inheritances, etc (YOU CHOOSE your specialty and pick the appropriate site design). These sites are very effective LEAD-GENERATORS. Noteholders can request quotes right on your site by filling in the online quote request forms. All you do then is get this information directly to the funder for quote through your Elite member access.


4. Professional marketing material – ready to use. FINDING all the notes you could ever hope to buy or broker is the real key; and we’ll show you how to be better at it than anyone else. You will have at your disposal properly-worded “keeper” marketing materials that say the right things to note holders, have substance, project credibility, have been tested by trial and error, and have been proven to work in any U.S. market (coupled with a systematic marketing strategy with which to deploy them)– directed at the 2 segments of the market we’re after: individual note holders and professional referral sources who can send you REPEAT BUSINESS.

5. Effective and time tested, proven material. We have been in the cash flow business successfully for decades because we know what works and what does not work. We know who to deal with and who you need to stay away from (far away). The training and materials you will have at your disposal has stood the test of time and it works. There is no reason for you to take time and money to reinvent the wheel. We will show you how to successfully work the profitable cash flow business part time (or full time) and with a limited budget.

6. Clear step by step instruction. This is a complete system ready to implement. The program includes an in-depth outline and business plan starting with the three levels of profitability available to our ELITE participants: (a) increasing current income by brokering notes, (b) investing for your own account in discounted cash flows for maximum return with low risk and (c) planning to retire rich by applying these strategies. With this system, you will gain an overall view of exactly how this business works (as well as a clear vision of the short and long term potential earnings)–plus you will get proven response-generating marketing material– so that you have enough knowledge and tools to begin immediately.

7. Affordability (time & money-wise). There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on expensive seminars. We will NEVER telemarket you to “upsell” more expensive programs. We give you everything you need the first time AND we give you personalized, one on one consulting with an industry expert who is ACTUALLY in the business.

Here’s what you get:

1. 2 audio CDs plus workbook containing in-depth outline, business plan and its implementation delivered in a straightforward and easy-to-understand manner.

2. Get started orientation. After you listen to the audio CD program, we’ll give you the exact sequence of everything you need to do to get started so that you know exactly what to do the next morning and every day beyond that. We’ll show you exactly how to USE the program and how every component needs to be implemented.

3. 120 days personal support (mentoring and consulting). You will be given our direct phone numbers (you will not be directed to assistants) and will have full Elite member access to us. We will work with you every step of the way. You can call us regarding any question(s) you need answered or direction that you need. You can do this at your own speed, at your own level, and at your convenience. (If desired or needed, ongoing consulting is available at a modest rate of $9.95/mo after your 120 days are up).

4. Direct marketing kit with properly-worded form letters and “camera ready” flyers reproducible in any format that you will send to individual note holders and financial professionals (attorneys, accountants, financial planners, etc) who are prime referral sources and can supply you with leads for years to come. Also includes note intake sheets which you will use to simplify the process of prequalifying the leads that come in prior to your sending them off to the funder.

5. Direct funding access through the Elite member website. Here you will be able to access our Elite audio interviews with each funder that we are setting you up directly with. You will get to know the PRINCIPALS behind these funding sources and hear them explain IN DETAIL what exactly it is they buy, what is a good lead vs bad lead, how exactly to submit a transaction to them, etc. You will have ALL of the required note submission and quote request forms for your use and you will submit “live” transactions right over the member site. You will be set up with funders for the following types of cash flows: real estate notes, business notes, structured settlements (lawsuit awards), lotteries, business accounts receivable (this area is called “factoring”) and delinquent debt.

6. OPTIONAL Cash flow broker website with your OWN domain*** name/email address. When you place your order for The Elite Cash Flow Network Support System, you will instantly receive a direct link to the Website Setup instructions and the Hosting Agreement for you to approve and return. Upon completion, you will then be linked to the Website Build form where you will make your design selection and specify your customized information to be displayed, etc.



*** Domain acquisition and initial setup through your Elite membership is only $17.50 (which is well over 50% below what it would cost you to set these up independently). Hosting is $15 per month charged quarterly. These charges will be incurred ONLY after you approve by returning the completed hosting agreement (you have no obligation to do so). You will NOT be charged these fees when you place your Elite program order now.

Once you are up and running with The Elite Cash Flow Network Support System, we’re 100% confident you’ll agree it’s one of the best, if not THE best investments you’ve ever made in yourself. If you’re not happy with it after 30 days, return everything for a full refund. No questions asked.




This offer ends AS ANNOUNCED and will NOT be repeated

Order now from this page:


This offer is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Plus, the combination of special pricing and personalized consulting are not guaranteed to last. I don’t know how many CDs are going to be made available, so once they’re gone, they’re gone. Get yours right now before it’s too late.

To order THE ELITE CASH FLOW NETWORK SUPPORT SYSTEM, click on the link below:

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose – if you are not totally satisfied return within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked.

When your order is delivered, it will contain your username and password to our private “Elite Member Only” area. This site contains all links, forms and info re direct funder access. Also, if you add a website to your order at checkout, you will INSTANTLY be emailed a direct link to Website Setup instructions and the Hosting Agreement for you to approve and return. Upon completion, you will then be linked to the Website Build Form where you will specify design elements, company info, etc.


Most sincerely,

Tim Fitzgerald
520 S. State St., #716
Chicago IL 60605

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