Cash Flow Business Tip of the Week: September is one of the peak note selling times

peak-note-selling-timeSeptember is one of the peak note selling times. Many note holders put off selling their note during the summer because they are traveling, and the things most note sellers use the cash for are not in as high of demand at that time. September and October are the next big months where note holders are looking to sell their notes.
Every successful note broker utilizing direct mail steps up his/her campaign at this time. They also use highly targeted note holder lists containing ONLY privately-held seller carryback note holders with fully updated addresses that account for the 15% of people who move every year. A quality list must also be updated to USPS mailing standards, with duplicate names, paid off notes and 2nd position notes eliminated. The list should also contain important details about the property and sale such as LTV, property use, etc. In short, successful note brokers employ predictable, methodical marketing methods, knowing that they can expect somewhere around 8 to 25 quote requests for every 1,000 mailers sent out.

In the next Tip, I’ll continue on this subject.

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