The secret to making an inordinate amount of money in the note business

public-speakingThe secret to making an inordinate amount of money in the note business is to find lots of brokerable notes. To find brokerable notes, get in front of a group of professionals. If you can talk to a group of Realtors, attorneys, accountants etc. you can develop an ongoing and reliable source of profitable notes. The secret is to have a professional note presentation that shows financial professionals how they can help their clients and /or increase their business.
Now, I’m going to be really careful and tell you that public speaking is not for everybody, but there is big money in it. Speaking presents two challenges: one, you have to feel comfortable about getting up in front of a group and doing a talk (i.e. before real estate groups, etc). If you do have that ability, then you can use it to make an enormous amount of money and get a lot of people out there looking for cash flows for you.

The 2nd challenge is having a marketing plan and the right content. So, if you want to get in the speaking business and have the ability to get up in front of an audience and speak, and all you’re missing are those two aforementioned components, Speak Your Way to Success will give you the marketing plan and Turning Paper into Gold will give you the content.

Next Tip, we’ll talk PR.

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