Cash Flow Business Tip of the Week- Should I request a non-circumvent agreement from a funder before referring a note?

funder-agreementA reputable funder will never, ever circumvent you. Sometimes we’re asked “what documentation do I use for a non-compete agreement” and our reply is that we don’t use one of those from funders. We never see a reason to do that. When and if you need a document indicating that they won’t go around you, then ask them for the document that THEY use. Let THEM supply the documents. The very first thing we pointed out in this Tip series was that funders do most of the work and they have all of the documents. That said, we’re never concerned about being circumvented, and here’s why. This is a very tight-knit business, and if the funders began to circumvent you, then word would get out immediately. And then they would be really out of business, because they need us.

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