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Triple Your Marketing Impact & Make More Money with

“The Road to Gold”
Get three of the Cash Flow Industry’s Most Dynamic, Money-Making Marketing Programs in One Package
But You Must Act Now

Every successful business person knows that the road to huge profits and financial success is based on three critically essential factors:

1. Consistent Marketing
2. Effective Marketing
3. Proven Marketing

Now, for a very limited time only, you can get the “The Road to Gold” containing three of the cash flow/note industry’s most dynamic money-making marketing programs and SAVE an incredible $186.00 (31%) off of the combined individual program price. And even if you’ve already purchased any of the programs individually, now’s the time to fortify your marketing arsenal by getting the other programs at a huge discount during this limited offer just by checking the details below.

Ok- for openers, let’s start right out by saying that when you get “The Road to Gold,” you’re actually getting more than enough marketing tools to keep your business growing well into the future. In fact, using these three highly potent and valuable programs is the one of surest ways to firmly establishing yourself as a serious industry professional and credible industry expert, positioning your business for long term profitable growth and blowing away your competition. “The Road to Gold” is the one collection of well established programs that delivers consistent marketing, effective marketing and proven marketing that will make more money for you.

You Get Three of the Cash Flow Industry’s Most Dynamic, Money-Making Marketing Programs in One Package

The Road to Gold includes the following complete programs:

1. The Cash Flow Industry’s Smallest, Most Powerful Newsletter

2. Turning Paper into Gold: The ultimate discount paper speaking program

3. Getting Published: A surefire way to grow your note/cash flow business

1. For top-flight consistent, professional marketing, nothing beats “The Cash Flow Industry’s Smallest Most Powerful Newsletter.” There’s also nothing quite like it. Unlike other newsletter programs that are expensive to buy, expensive to produce and expensive to mail, “The Cash Flow Industry’s Smallest Most Powerful Newsletter” is fast and easy to use. It can be produced and mailed extremely inexpensively, or even better yet, emailed for next to nothing. It was designed to provide you with maximum scheduling flexibility while letting you maintain a consistent professional and upscale marketing image. You can use this program on a monthly basis or a quarterly basis. Since it comes in two versions, you can reach two distinct and desirable market segments: the professional market and individual note holders. One version of the newsletter consists of the “The Cash Flow Adviser” which is targeted to the professional market consisting of financial, legal and real estate professionals who may have clients with notes and other cash flow instruments. The second version consisting of the “The Note and Cash Flow Times” is targeted to individual note holders who may be prime candidates for selling.

Both versions are included, so you can reach either or both of these extremely lucrative markets consistently, affordably, flexibly and very, very effectively. If you want to learn more about how “The Cash Flow Industry’s Smallest Most Powerful Newsletter” will benefit your business and keep your name in front of your most valuable prospects all year long for mere pennies a day, then go to:

2. If you’re determined to succeed, then you’re absolutely ready to take your marketing to the next level of professionalism. But to get there, you need to use the very same techniques that all of the industry’s top earners use. And the one technique that all of them successfully use to earn big bucks is speaking. These super-earners all know that making a dynamic, informative and professional presentation in front of a targeted audience of real estate pros, accountants, attorneys and other highly qualified prospects positions them as an expert in the field and imbues them with prestige and recognition that clearly sets them apart from their competition. So if you’re tired of working harder and are truly committed to making more money, then “Turning Paper into Gold”– the nation’s ultimate discount paper speaking program- will help achieve your goals.

Regardless of your level of skills, expertise or even if you’ve never spoken in public, “Turning Paper into Gold” will help put you on the fast track to success. You’ll find everything you need to succeed including:

  • Professionally written presentation script based on tested content developed by industry experts
  • Step-by-step directions for setting up, promoting and making your presentation
  • Complete set of visuals and handout masters for the presentation
  • A comprehensive marketing plan
  • A complete set marketing tools including letters, flyers, post cards
  • Inside tips for making a dynamic and successful presentation
  • Directions for putting together your public relations materials
  • And much, much more

In truth, speaking in front of an audience may not be for everyone. But the truth is anyone can learn to do it. As a professional, speaking in front of groups is not only an essential component of financial success, it’s expected. But what generally stops most people from speaking in public is the fear of saying the wrong thing or not knowing how to develop and informative, interesting and exciting presentation. Now, you don’t have to worry about any of those things because “Turning Paper into Gold” takes away the fear of public speaking.

Since “Turning Paper into Gold” solves all of the most common problems and more by providing you with a professionally prepared informative presentation complete with visuals, handouts, detailed directions along with a proven marketing plan and a complete set of marketing tools, there is no logical excuse for you not to give it a try. This unique program has worked successfully for others just like you. And it will work for you once you make the commitment to get started. For more information about how “Turning Paper into Gold” can take you to the professional level of consistent, effective and proven marketing go to:

3. Every cash flow professional who wants to succeed needs to be an author. The problem is that not everyone likes to write. Yet one of the best image building, business-getting techniques is to have an article with your name as the author appear in a newspaper, magazine, newsletter or on the web. Getting a few articles with your name “bylined” as author is an impressive way to get noticed and get favorable recognition. Not only does it get your name out, it demonstrates that you know what you’re talking about. You’re immediately perceived as a leading expert in your field, a consummate professional, a person who is knowledgeable, reliable, established and respected.

In short, getting published helps you become an expert source of information, education and opinions about issues in your field. Make no mistake about it! As soon as your first article appears, you will be well on your way to becoming a well known established and accepted authority in your field. And, once your name starts to appear in print more frequently, you can be reasonably assured that more business and much more money will surely come your way.

Getting published is particularly beneficial for discount cash flow specialists. Because the public is always hungry for financial information, there are unlimited opportunities to submit articles that inform and educate the public and other professionals about the field. And the best part is when you use the “Getting Published” program, you don’t have to write anything but your name and contact information.

That’s because “Getting Published” contains a complete series of three ready-to-use, professionally written articles along with a complete guide that will help you get them published. These three easy-to-understand articles are targeted to consumers and discuss the benefits of using seller take-back financing when selling a property. All were designed to help promote creating and selling notes. All were designed to help position your as your community’s leading expert in the field. And all were designed to compliment, enhance and support your other marketing efforts. For more information on “Getting Published” go to:

Here’s the Deal – Save $186.00 (31% off) off the combined individual program price— But Hurry, Act Today – Offer ends as announced.

If you were to purchase each program individually, you’d spend at least $ 585.00

“The Cash Flow Industry’s Smallest Most Powerful Newsletter”………… 195.00
“Turning Paper into Gold”………………………………………………… 195.00
“Getting Published: A surefire way to build your business”…… 195.00

Total for All Three programs……..$ 585.00

All Three Now Only……………….$ 399.00


That’s right. For a limited time only you can get “The Road to Gold” containing three of the cash flow/note industry most dynamic money-making marketing programs for the low price of only $399.00 but you must act quickly. This special offer is strictly limited.

Don’t wait. Place your order today.

Your No Risk 30 Day Guarantee

You must be happy with this program. You have our UNCONDITIONAL guarantee behind it. If for any reason you are not positively 100% satisfied, simply return your material within 30 days of purchase for a full refund, no questions asked.

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WE EXTEND TO YOU OUR UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE! If you are not positively 100% satisfied within the first 30 days, simply return your material within 30 days of purchase for a full refund, no questions asked.

The Road to Gold
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