Superpaper- The Ultimate Discounted Cash Flow Marketing Program


A word about the Superpaper marketing program. It is not mandatory to invest in this program. If you are going to be successful, you will need to invest in marketing materials. What we bring to the table is: we has already done the work for you. The “SuperPaper” program is the CULMINATION of what took us ten years and $50,000 to put together, making it the ULTIMATE Discount Cash Flow marketing program.

NOTE: If you are not familiar with the concepts within the SuperPaper program, they are all contained within “How To Turn 90% Of The People Who Won’t Sell You Their Notes Into Big Time Cash Profits”. If you do NOT yet have the “90%..” program, we will include it at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE along with your SuperPaper program . All you need to do is simply type “Send 90%” in the “Comments” box upon checkout on the Shopping Cart page.

WHAT’S IN THE BOX: The SuperPaper program weighs ten pounds when it gets to you. There is a massive amount of material. Because of this, we have a personal orientation with everyone who invests in the program, and will design a program that fits your time and budget. You will also get lifetime support with Superpaper. In addition to the massive 400 -page program manual, full array of camera-ready marketing material, hundreds of ready-to-use letters, flyers and post cards and PROFESSIONAL BROCHURES, you get Note Appraisal Certification, MEANING this program comes with everything you need to get you started appraising notes and making money:

Just to be clear, Superpaper is NOT a “how to” program. It is a full-scale, professionally-designed NOTE MARKETING KIT AND PROGRAM that will give you the ability to immediately hit the market and begin distributing professional marketing material in your name. The program is ideal for those of you who are ready to market seriously and want to make a one-time investment in proven, fully developed marketing materials and get off to a very quick start sending to your own list of leads. You also want to get them into the hands of attorneys, accountants, financial planners and real estate professionals to build your referral source list and develop repeat business.

Following this initial investment in professional marketing material (if you choose to go forward with this), all that will be needed from this point forward to make it work for you will be a very modest advertising budget (i.e., monthly or weekly). Do understand that you will never need to invest in marketing materials again if you do decide this is a “go”.

Whether you choose to do this, of course, is up to you. We would say this is great opportunity for those of you who are definitely planning to be in this business long-term. If this is the case, then you will realize considerable time and money savings in marketing development cost and the inherent trial and error involved.

Immediately before Superpaper is shipped out, you will get a complete one-on-one phone orientation with us (scheduled at your convenience) to ensure that you know how to use it in such a way that you will benefit from the full power of the materials. This is a necessary step because there is simply too much material here to leave you out on a limb all by yourself with. You will also learn (in the orientation) how to put together your own mailing list for free.

note-appraisalComplete Note Appraisal program is included– Appraising notes is not only a substantial money maker, but also one of the most powerful marketing tools available today to get your phone ringing with quality leads. The program comes with everything you will need to get you started Appraising and making money:

    • Hand-holding through each and every appraisal deal
    • You will be certified by the American Appraisal Institute of Privately-Held Notes and Mortgages
    • You will have the right to do business as a “Certified Note Appraiser” which will gain you IMPORTANT instant industry credibility
    • You will be positioned to earn front end and backend fees (for the appraisal itself and then the brokerage transactions)
    • You can establish position as the #1 “go to” person for potential note sellers
    • You will be marketing “professional to professional”, thereby maximizing your repeat referral business

note-owners-manualComplete Reproducible Note Owner’s Manual program is also included- Additionally, SuperPaper contains the full Note Owner’s Manual program and pre-recorded information hotline.

It’s called the “Note Owner’s Manual” and chances are you probably never heard of it. That’s because the “Note Owner’s Manual” has been one of the industry’s best kept marketing secrets for years. And that’s exactly why you need to learn all about it.

A “Note Owner’s Manual” is just like any other owner’s manual. You buy a toaster, you get owner’s manual. You buy a car, you get an owner’s manual— you get the idea. A “Note Owner’s Manual” is an owner’s manual that explains the ins and outs of everything about note ownership. So it stands to reason that the “Note Owner’s Manual” is essential to the success of everyone in the discounted note business.

And here’s why. This powerful resource focuses on two critical goals that you must accomplish to make money in the cash flow business:

A. You must deal with note holders who have an urgency (motivation) to sell their note. No one will ever (not ever) sell their note unless they have an urgency to do so. The “Note Owner’s Manual” is designed to do just that – create urgency.

B. You must educate note holders. Why? Because educated note holders are much more likely to sell their notes. Most note holders know very little about the valuable and complex asset they own. Once they completely understand all the pitfalls of owning notes, they become motivated sellers. Since the “Note Owner’s Manual” is specifically designed to educate note holders and create urgency, it dramatically increases your chances of successfully closing more transactions.

note-owners-manual-pageBut that’s not all. The “Note Owner’s Manual” also helps you accomplish other important business-building marketing goals:

1. It gives you instant credibility with individual note holders as well as financial professionals.

2. It explains what you do better than you can – so you’ll never have trouble explaining what you do to a prospective client. You will never have that problem again because the “Note Owner’s Manual” will do it for you and will do it better than you ever could.

3. You can make some extra money by selling these wonderful 34-page information-packed booklets. Printed price is $29.95 (far more than your price for acquiring these gems). This is a great way to market your business and get paid at the same time. Best yet, you can substantially increase your income with the leads it generates.

You will:

  • Be able to print individual Note Owner’s Manuals (or mass produce them) as needed, using the Camera-Ready Master Copy (included)
  • Create urgency to sell in the note holders… like never before
  • SUPERCHARGE your note business and dramatically increase your income.
  • Boost your response rate, potentially through the roof (see for yourself)!
  • Outclass your competition every time, and leave them well behind the 8 ball…
  • Gain instant credibility with individual note holders as well as financial professionals.
  • Position yourself to close a ton more note transactions as a result

To summarize, here’s what you get in the “Superpaper” package:

  • You will get a personal one on one telephone orientation to help get you off to a quick start
  • Every marketing piece we’ve ever utilized successfully in the field is contained within
  • No worries about creating your own materials
  • You have full rights to use your name on everything
  • Letters, flyers, post cards, brochures- 100s ready to use
  • Professional brochures (Note Buyer and Note Appraiser)
  • Field-tested over 10 years, $50,000 put into development
  • 400 page program manual containing all
  • All ready to reproduce and go
  • Camera-ready artwork- 175 pieces
  • Complete Note Appraisal Program, Note appraisal certification, all docs, hand-holding through every appraisal
  • Complete Note Owner’s Manual Program, reproducible w/alternate audio version
  • Recorded noteholder hotline
  • Lifetime support, full one on one phone orientation, complete help and guidance FOR LIFE
  • One-time investment, no other marketing material ever needed (lifetime)

The complete SUPERPAPER program comes with all the resources and is ready to use immediately.

To order Superpaper- The Ultimate Discounted Cash Flow Marketing Program NOW, via our Secure (SSL) server, click on the Add To Cart button below.

WE EXTEND TO YOU OUR UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE! If you are not positively 100% satisfied within the first 30 days, simply return your material within 30 days of purchase for a full refund, no questions asked.

Superpaper- The Ultimate Discounted Cash Flow Marketing Program
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