Superearnings- How To Prosper In The High Reward Low Risk Discounted Cash Flow Business

Master Cash Flow Specialist Certification Course


How To Prosper In The High Reward Low Risk Discounted Cash Flow Business *(Even if You Have No Money to Invest!)*

Want to make money and have fun? Learn how you can obtain very high cash flows using little or none of your own cash. This is a virtually unknown business and/or investment and you have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor. You do not need money to get started in this exciting business and can work from your own home. Many people are making substantial income by finding these notes and then selling, trading or keeping them. This exciting and fun course shows you how you can get started immediately and succeed in this lucrative business. This program is designed for those individuals desiring to earn substantial income and cash flow working either full or part time.


  • What are discounted notes, mortgages and cash flows
  • Up to date assessment of the current market climate
  • How to find notes for maximum profit and minimum risk
  • Increasing income through brokering notes and cash flows
  • The four steps involved with EVERY note transaction
  • About working with funders and learning as you go
  • How to figure your referral fees and how you get paid
  • No-money-down strategies
  • How you can earn spectacular rates of return investing in notes
  • The financial calculator made easy
  • How to figure payments, interest, present/future value, balloons
  • Reducing risk and increasing return
  • Retiring rich
  • How you can obtain very high cash flows
  • Have fun
  • And much, much more.

By downloading this course, you will also have the opportunity to achieve the designation of Master Cash Flow Specialist. You will be trained in the mechanics of the discounted cash flow business; how to find cash flows, fund them, maximize returns, work win-win-win transactions for the benefit of all parties, and how to work with funders effectively.

Upon successful completion of the course material and test, you will receive official MCFS designation in the form of an official Certificate of Completion carrying National recognition.

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