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It’s called the “Note Owner’s Manual” and chances are you probably never heard of it. That’s because the “Note Owner’s Manual” has been one of the industry’s best kept marketing secrets for years. And that’s exactly why you need to learn all about it.

A “Note Owner’s Manual” is just like any other owner’s manual. You buy a toaster, you get owner’s manual. You buy a car, you get an owner’s manual— you get the idea. A “Note Owner’s Manual” is an owner’s manual that explains the ins and outs of everything about note ownership. So it stands to reason that the “Note Owner’s Manual” is essential to the success of everyone in the discounted note business.    

And here’s why. This powerful resource focuses on two critical goals that you must accomplish to make money in the cash flow business:

A.   You must deal with note holders who have an urgency (motivation) to sell their note. No one will ever (not ever) sell their note unless they have an urgency to do so. The “Note Owner’s Manual” is designed to do just that – create urgency.

B.  You must educate note holders. Why? Because educated note holders are much more likely to sell their notes. Most note holders know very little about the valuable and complex asset they own. Once they completely understand all the pitfalls of owning notes, they become motivated sellers. Since the “Note Owner’s Manual” is specifically designed to educate note holders and create urgency, it dramatically increases your chances of successfully closing more transactions.

note-owners-manual-pageBut that’s not all. The “Note Owner’s Manual” also helps you accomplish other important business-building marketing goals:

1. It gives you instant credibility with individual note holders as well as financial professionals.

2. It explains what you do better than you can – so you’ll never have trouble explaining what you do to a prospective client.  You will never have that problem again because the “Note Owner’s Manual” will do it for you and will do it better than you ever could.

3. You can make some extra money by selling these wonderful 34-page information-packed booklets. Printed price is $29.95 (far more than your price for acquiring these gems). This is a great way to market your business and get paid at the same time. Best yet, you can substantially increase your income with the leads it generates.

Here’s the deal (and it is a good one).

50 “Note Owner’s Manuals” for only $2.80 each
100 “Note Owner’s Manuals” for only $2.55 each
Call for quantities in excess of 100 booklets

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Note Owner’s Manual
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50 “Note Owner’s Manuals” for only $2.80 each
100 “Note Owner’s Manuals” for only $2.55 each
Call for quantities in excess of 100 booklets

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