Life Settlements- Vast Wealth Opportunities with a Timely Income Stream

life-settlementsLife Settlements
Vast Wealth Opportunities with a Timely Income Stream

Would you like to add an element to your cash flow business that will help your present business, get you in front of the right people and increase your income FAST??!! Then, this stellar program is for you.

You will learn how to make a lucrative addition to your income brokering LIFE SETTLEMENTS– It’s here, it’s now but you’ve GOT to review this program by reading the manual, watching the Power Point presentation, and listening to the audio CD.

THIS PROGRAM will give you ALL of the key info you’ll need to make HUGE money delivering a service that carries a BURGEONING demand.. But you’ve got to know what to say and how to uncover these caches of opportunity. This is a BIG income stream, and have we ever got a fully-equipped, sweetly comprehensive package for you.


A STAGGERING number of people need extra CASH in this economy. And there’s a GIANT source of cash sitting right under their noses that (rather astoundingly) NO ONE is showing them how to tap into (until NOW, that is)! Here’s a way to get them what they need and get paid HANDSOMELY for it.

These wellsprings of cold, hard CASH are called LIFE SETTLEMENTS. In a nutshell, here’s how cash flow brokers are REALLY boosting their bottom line each and every month (by collecting $ THOUSANDS in extra referral fees):

1. They market TO THE SAME REFERRAL SOURCES for cash flows that they’re ALREADY marketing to.

2. They’re showing prospects and their financial advisors how to get MORE than the current CASH value of their life insurance policies by selling the policy.


Know this: A WHOLE LOT of people desperately  need money today —right now. You can not only show them -or better yet, their financial professionals (who will refer you even more money-making deals)  how to get substantially more money for their policies than they can get from the insurance company.

Problem is, NO ONE is even showing them that this is possible. UNTIL NOW. Because LIFE SETTLEMENTS are a new BUT rapidly-growing area of the Cash Flow industry, the # of practitioners is quite limited BECAUSE– quite simply, there’ s not enough education out there, let alone any real program(s) available for broker/finders that will show them what to say and do in order to help the myriad of people out there IN THE NEED and make substantial money at the same time. EXCEPT FOR THIS NEW PROGRAM.

This is a BIG income stream for cash flow brokers. Again, the reason we haven’t offered a program like this before is– quite simply, it did not exist– until NOW. ENTER MARILYN SINGER and this BREAKTHROUGH program especially put together for subscribers. THESE POLICIES THAT YOU’LL BE BROKERING are always SIZEABLE so your commissions will be BIG.Get with this NOW and it’s extremely likely that you’ll be VERY glad you did.

The Life Settlements Marketing Package includes:

  • Audio CD from Growing Wealth Live! Convention
  • Life Settlements Power Point Presentation
  • Preliminary Application
  • Life Settlements Brochure
  • Sample: Insurance Agent Letter
  • Sample: Non Circumvention Agreement
  • Sample: Closing Documents
  • Articles from Growing Wealth, Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Readers Digest

Your No Risk 30 Day Guarantee

You must be happy with this program. You have our UNCONDITIONAL guarantee behind it. If for any reason you are not positively 100% satisfied, simply return your material within 30 days of purchase for a full refund, no questions asked.

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WE EXTEND TO YOU OUR UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE! If you are not positively 100% satisfied within the first 30 days, simply return your material within 30 days of purchase for a full refund, no questions asked.
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Life Settlements- Vast Wealth Opportunities with a Timely Income Stream
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