How To Turn 90% Of The People Who Won’t Sell You Their Notes Into Big Time Cash Profits



This course covers the entire marketing process. Effective marketing is crucial to your success. You need to find people who have notes to sell.

In fact, there is not one successful cash flow specialist in the entire world that does not market their business properly.

Of the thousands of cash flow brokers we’ve trained, we’ve found a common theme is that many beginners do not initially understand what a good marketing plan should look like.

This program will give you that marketing plan so that you can start making money by reaching the right people with the right message. This program consists of 6 self contained learning segments which you can do at your own pace and comfort level.


  • Why now is the best time ever to be in the cash flow business
  • Why new, inexperienced people fail and how to avoid the failure pitfalls
  • How to instantly make short term profits and ensure your long term success
  • The three essential challenges for a successful marketing plan: keep, create, repeat (how to keep in front of note holders, create urgency to sell, and how to generate repeat referral business)
  • What to expect when you start an effective, affordable direct marketing campaign
  • What you must do to create a successful, professional, profitable marketing campaign
  • The four components that make up a successful marketing campaign
  • The three components that make a financially life changing marketing campaign
  • How to SUPERCHARGE your note business by gaining entry to the professional market
  • How financial professionals can supply you with REPEAT REFERRAL BUSINESS
  • What is a Note Owner’s Manual and how it can change your financial life
  • How Note Appraisals can increase your cash flow, give you credibility and get your foot in the financial professional’s door
  • And much, much more

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