Note Investor & Broker Training

Note Investor & Broker Training

guaranteeclearbackground30 Day Unconditional 100% Money Back Guarantee! Our programs will help you succeed. You MUST be positively 100% satisfied or we will refund you in full, no questions asked.

Cash Flow Note Specialist Business Opportunity

Business Opportunity
Note Investors’ Master Cash Flow Specialist Network
Introducing the Most Complete, Effective, Affordable Way to Launch Your Own Discounted Note Business.
It’s simply the best home-based discounted cash flow business program available.

Quick-Start Programs

SuperEarnings, available separately here, but FREE when you invest in Note Investors’ Master Cash Flow Specialist Network, is the nation’s leading training program.
Superearnings- How To Prosper In The High Reward Low Risk Discounted Cash Flow Business *(Even if You Have No Money to Invest!)*
NoteInvestors’ experts reveal the entire process of brokering, investing, understanding and closing note deals and how to increase your income and start building personal wealth.

This course, available separately here, but FREE when you invest in Note Investors’ Master Cash Flow Specialist Network, covers the entire marketing process.
How To Turn 90% Of The People Who Won’t Sell You Their Notes Into Big Time Cash Profits
Finding people who have notes to sell is essential to your success. This program gives you a proven strategy and plan to help you start making money by reaching the right people with the right message.

Note Marketing Programs

The Road to Gold Marketing Series

Your Own Newsletter- an Extremely Powerful Marketing Tool
The Cash Flow Industry’s Smallest, Most Powerful Newsletter
Here’s the most affordable and effective newsletter marketing program currently available for the cash flow business. Simply the best!


There is big money in speaking before groups.
Turning Paper into Gold- The Nation’s Most Powerful Discount Paper Speaking Program.
Build your business with this proven marketing program. Learn the Secrets of How to Find More Notes – Close More Deals – Make More Money. Everything You Need to Succeed is Included!

Get published in the media, and really grow your business.
Getting Published: A Surefire Way to Build Your Note Cash Flow Business
This comprehensive, ready-to-use program will help you develop a positive image, get widespread recognition and increase your income.


Triple Your Marketing Impact & Make More Money with “The Road to Gold”. Get the entire Paper to Gold Marketing Series- all three of the Cash Flow Industry’s Most Dynamic, Money-Making Marketing Programs- in one Package!
The Road to Gold- Three of the Cash Flow Industry’s Most Dynamic Money-making Marketing Programs

Includes the following complete programs:
•The Cash Flow Industry’s Smallest, Most Powerful Newsletter
•Turning Paper into Gold- The Nation’s Most Powerful Discount Paper Speaking Program
•Getting Published: A Surefire Way to Grow Your Note/Cash Flow Business

More Note Marketing Programs

New Insights– From An Expert At Finding Notes At The Courthouse. Discover The Little-Known Methods For Conducting Simple, Precise Research For Profitable Note Deals, In Any Courthouse, Nationwide.

Create new notes by working with motivated home sellers
Starting right now, you can begin to tap into a premium resource for super, high quality, grade-A notes. New, easy program wipes out competing paper buyers.

The Ultimate Discounted Cash Flow Marketing Program. Massive 400-page program manual with all of the work already done for you. You will never need to invest in marketing material again when you have this program.
Superpaper- The Ultimate Discount Cash Flow Marketing Program
Includes Introduction to Marketing, Program Manual, CD Library, Reproducible Note Owners Manual, Note Appraisal Certification, Complete Appraisal Program, Letters, Flyers and Post Cards ·100s ready to use, Professional Brochures- Note Buyer and Note Appraiser, Lifetime Support

Note Owner’s Manual
Note Owner’s Manual
It’s called the “Note Owner’s Manual” and chances are you probably never heard of it. That’s because the “Note Owner’s Manual” has been one of the industry’s best kept marketing secrets for years. And that’s exactly why you need to learn all about it.

Biz Builders

Learn More, Earn More – Introducing the Road to Gold Biz Builders
Information you need to manage and grow your business at prices you can’t afford to pass up. From $9.99

Market Your Business with Speaking and Watch It GrowSpeak Your Way to Success- INSTANT DOWNLOAD
Market your business with Speaking and watch it grow. if you’re really serious about building your cash flow business with the time-proven techniques of public speaking, then this Biz Builder is for you.

Essentials of the most frequently used PR strategies are covered here.
The Inside Secrets of Effective Public Relations for Cash Flow Professionals- INSTANT DOWNLOAD
Understanding how you can use the tried and true techniques of public relations can mean the difference between success or failure for any business. This comprehensive, 55 page RTG Biz Builder covers it all.

Note Investing programs

If you liked SuperEarnings, you will love SuperEarnings Plus. Here, you will learn some of the most powerful and effective note investment strategies ever developed.
SuperEarnings PLUS- The Ultimate Low-Risk Discounted Cash Flow Wealth Building Strategy
Best program Joel ever did with many, many strategies for creatively structuring transactions for spectacular rates of return.


Master the Financial Calculator
THE NUMBERS GAME- The Art of Calculation
Unlocking the power of the. financial calculator is the first essential step in understanding how you can achieve the highest possible rates of return. Joel carefully explains his unique and easy to understand approach that takes the mystery out of this indispensable financial tool.

Build Your Fortune by Combining Real Estate & Paper
There’s a fortune to be made dealing in paper. Joel divulges all of the practical, fool-proof techniques on how you can obtain enormous personal earnings with low-risk, high-reward discounted cash flows.

Note Holder Leads for Note Brokers

Note Holder Leads for Note Brokers
Here you can order the highest-quality researched leads in the country at lower prices than you’ll find anywhere. Ideal for those just starting out and developing their marketing program on a budget.
$0.20 per lead

More Note Broker Programs

Brokering Life Settlements
Life Settlements- Vast Wealth Opportunities with a Timely Income Stream
Learn how to make a lucrative addition to your income brokering life settlements.


Brokering Delinquent Debt
Delinquent Debt: A Broker’s Manual with Audio & PowerPoint CD
A step-by-step guide for successfully brokering portfolios of delinquent debt for fun and profit

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