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note-buyersNote buyers are currently enjoying the hottest business conditions seen in decades. You, as a new broker/finder, can now make a great living finding cash flows and simply referring them to the right note buyer for a fee and watch them do all of the work. So, if you’ve decided you want “in”. but you’re wondering what to do next and exactly how you’re going to put all the pieces in place, look no further. You need to become an Elite Cash Flow Support System member. It really is that simple.

If you really want to hit the ground running and gain the immeasurable benefits and advantages of tapping into the most experienced minds in the  industry– using the very same professional marketing materials AND note buying sources that they use (trusted, seasoned, experienced pros with which professional relationships have been carefully honed over decades), this program is absolutely what you’ve got to have. I see it as a no-brainer.

The program boasts many key benefits which are just about unheard of in the note buying industry today

You get one on one PERSONAL consulting. I mean, who does that for people anymore?! Yes, really, we give it to you AS you need it WHILE you’re learning at your own pace. There’s no pressure- on the contrary, it’s actually fun and enjoyable. We hear this all the time from our members. Matter of fact, member feedback over the years has helped us to “fine-tune” and OPTIMIZE the learning process based on what YOU want and allows us to cater to how YOU learn best… thereby maximizing your money-making potential.


By the way, we’ve seen other “mentorship” programs on the market that will run you several thousand dollars. This is NOT one of those. Why? Because YOU are our highest priority.

The driving force behind this program is that our network of note buyers has come to rely on the QUALITY referrals continually being fed to them by our Elite Cash Flow Network members. The fact of the matter is that the cash flow/note business is booming right now due to the rapidly-developing resurgence of the housing market coupled with the widespread proliferation of seller financing spawned by excessively tight conventional lending standards.

This situation is producing unprecedented demand for liquid cash, and this demand is carrying over into other areas of our business as well (besides real estate)– case in point, structured settlement purchasing. (This is a huge area which we’ll address at a later time, and, YES, our note buyers purchase those, too!)

And where exactly do YOU come in? Glad you asked:

This bloodthirsty demand for cash is fueling a business which is almost exclusively BROKER-DRIVEN. This means well-trained brokers are at a premium. The key phrase here is “well trained”. There are many people out there chasing bad notes that will never go anywhere (not knowing what they’re doing) and then they look for note buyers “willy-nilly” on the internet (they’re going about it in entirely the WRONG way) and then make matters even worse by unwittingly “daisy-chaining” with other brokers (if you’ve tried this you know what I’m talking about BUT if you become an Elite member you will NEVER have to worry about this).

None of that goes on within the Elite system. Not only do you not waste your time going after the bad stuff– you learn to be like a relentless bulldog sniffing out all of the good stuff- and uncovering it more and more and more of it.

So you find the good stuff and then you go right to the note buyers within the Elite network. The network is extremely flexible. You can download note submission forms right off the site or you can submit right from the online interface. It’s a snap. Our brokers love this system. We know because they tell us all the time. In fact, there’s simply no system like it in the free world.

The best part? The system is super-affordable. I mean, the low barrier to entry is unheard of in today’s world.

Again, let me drive home the point that the note buyers within our Network need us– there are so many diverse types of  brokerable cash flows in circulation than they can ever hope to uncover on their own– hence the demand for brokers and why this business is entirely broker-DRIVEN. It’s also why our brokers can dictate their own fees, enjoying complete control over their income– truly a “win-win-win” situation (the note seller wins, too as we get money into the hands of people who NEED it).

If you don’t get into this business  now, while demand is at its peak, you risk missing the train. In that case, good luck with the rest of your life in whatever business interests you may pursue.

If you want “in” (and this would be a wise decision), you can join The Elite Cash Flow Network Support System now by going to this page.

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