Most newbies don’t know about institutional funders

newbieMost people, when they first get involved in this business, don’t know about institutional funders such as those grouped within the Elite Network, but you do. For this reason, you can literally place these people right into the business yourself, earning commissions on notes they’ve brought to the table. To give you an example, newbies running ads that state “I buy mortgages/notes” (probably at least 80% of them) have absolutely no clue as to what to do when somebody responds. They’re hoping to get a lead and then post it somewhere on the internet (which I hope I’ve convinced you is something you do NOT want to do). You can go right to the people who are running these ads and let them know that you have a direct line to the funder who will pay the most for that loan. And that, once again, is the beauty of the business. You can start networking with others immediately who do not have the resources that you have at your disposal as an Elite member.

Next week, we’ll discuss other ways to market your business.

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