How you can make ridiculous profits by helping people stay in their homes

help-homeownersI want to open up this discussion and ask you to send me your case studies, stories, etc.  I have been hearing about and running across an inordinate # of very exciting and interesting cases that involve note investors turning really good sized profits while helping people at the same time.

An awful lot of this is coming from the distressed, or sub-performing market. Individual note investors are buying these distressed (or semi-distressed) assets (one or two at a time) from large private firms who originally acquire them in bulk from banks and then sell these off “onesey-twosey”.

Individual note investors who jump on these deals really do their homework (due diligence) on these individual loans quite a bit more effectively than the bulk investor can (or has time for). The insights that individual investors can uncover can help them do a lot of things– for example, I hear of a lot of cases whereby the payor is underwater and/or behind on payments, and then the note investor comes in, talks to them, does a little restructuring that might involve forgiving part of the loan in exchange for a smaller payout and/or creating a new smaller loan to get it re-performing, etc. This can all be done with the note investor still earning a large sum, i.e. $20,000 to $55,000 a pop or more because it was bought at such a large discount, which could be as low as 20-30 cents on the dollar in many cases.

It’s amazing to me as to the sheer enormity and scope of private business being done out there in the real estate note sector. All you have to do is keep an ear to the rail and observe the dialogue going on within LinkedIn real estate groups, for example, to get a true feel.

I think it’s also important to understand that your ability to market to uncover these deals at their source is far more important and instrumental to your ability to profit than having money to invest yourself. Reason being, there is so much “anxious money” sitting in cash accounts earmarked for deployment for these types of deals that you stand to do quite well by just acting as a finder or referral source.


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