Mail Bag: What’s the difference between the Elite Cash Flow system and the Home Study course??

>>>QUESTION: I just downloaded your kind offer for the 30 day free trial on the Discounted Cash Flow course, thank you! Is this going to give me everything I need to know? I was also looking at your Elite system.

>>>MY COMMENTS: You’re going to get a complete overview of the business within the 30 day trial Superearnings home study, and you’ll get such an education about how we discount cash flows using the time value of money, how we obtain high yields while investing in discounted mortgages backed by real estate, and how we actually lower our risk while bumping up our rates of return that we’re going to certify you. Meaning, you’re going to be able to take a test and receive official certification as Master Cash Flow Specialist.

That’s all part of the 30-day trial Superearnings Home Study course.

Of course, in addition to all of that, you’ll get a full understanding of how you figure fees when you broker a note (generating INCOME STREAMS for yourself), and how you structure a transaction when investing in notes for your own account. That’s a ton of knowledge for such a small investment.

Just so you know, the path we’re taking you on is this– and it’s a “1-2-3” step sequence: 1) you’ll first generate income by brokering (flipping) notes; 2) then you’ll invest in high-yield note transactions for your own account by reinvesting some of the profits you’ve made through brokering; and 3) then you’ll plan to retire, and if you follow the program to a tee, you can retire sooner rather than later because you’ll be compacting the time necessary to achieve this by systematically increasing your returns.

So, that’s a lot of material to cover. You’re going to learn all of this within the 30-day trial Superearnings course, and you’ll have enough information so that you can start immediately. Really.

That said, some people can implement the program by themselves, and some people want additional help, which is available in the Elite Cash Flow Network Support System. This is a personal mentoring program that I put together and we give you direct access to funders right through this network who will fund the transactions you find. That’s huge, because our funders are well-established, veteran people with a long track record in the business coupled with the highest levels of integrity… the “no-nonsense” types you want to be working with. The way we teach you is through practical knowledge– you learn by watching the pros close the transactions, and they pay you referral fees so you’re “learning and earning”.

I should also mention that the Elite program lays out the complete marketing plan that we, as veteran cash flow practitioners, actually use in the field. I don’t mind saying that our Elite members have a real edge because they understand and know how to implement the marketing process.

Let me take this one step further. If you’re just starting out as an Elite member, you don’t need to know ANYTHING initially about the mechanics of closing a deal. You just need to know how to MARKET the business right. Do that, and the calls will come in. When they do, you simply do a little prequalifying by using the “intake sheets” that we give our members– and then you submit a quote request to the funder right through our system. They then get back to you with some numbers, you figure your referral fee, subtract that from the quote, and then you quote the note seller.

When the note seller accepts, the funder then performs all of the due diligence, schedules the closing, and you get a check in the mail (or by funds transfer) at closing. You then wash, rinse, repeat. This is how you make money in the business (referral fees can range anywhere from $3,000- $10,000 per transaction, depending on the size of the note) while the funder puts up all of the money.

Obviously, Elite members have distinct advantages (remember you can call me for help with even the slightest thing as you go along– this is what I do for our members).

So, my recommendation is this: If you’re sure you want to jump into this business “with both feet”, don’t want to go through the “trial and error” of making mistakes with your marketing, want someone you can call for expert help every step of the way and don’t want to have to look for a buyer to fund your deals, then the Elite system is for you.

On the other hand, if you just want a complete overview of the business– enough to give you the designation of Master Cash Flow Specialist– and don’t need any further help, then you want the 30-day trial Superearnings Home Study.

Here is a link to the 30-day trial Superearnings Home Study course:

And here is a link to The Elite Cash Flow Network Support System (P.S. If you order Elite after reading this blog post, I’ll send you the Superearnings course at no additional charge– just type the words “send Superearnings” in the “comments” field in the shopping cart during checkout and I’ll take care of you):



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