Latest news: largest-ever ($5 billion) HUD nonperforming note sale

toxic-assetsThis latest news underscores the sheer enormity and unprecedented profit potential of this non-performing note marketplace:

Loan sale advisor DebtX is now pushing forward with their largest-ever ($5 billion) HUD nonperforming note sale. Three bid dates are fast approaching, slated for late October and November.

That firm’s CEO, Kingsley Greenland, says this monster portfolio alone includes 29,000 loans valued at $5 billion, making it, as he terms it “the largest single-family loan sale on a public basis that I have ever seen”.

Just how much interest do you think there IS right now in this market?

“Our general gauge is [that] investors are biting at the bit,” Greenland said.

>>MY COMMENT: This is the understatement of the Century

He goes on: “This is just an enormous deal. The ability to be able to participate and get scale so quickly can be important to financial investors,” he noted.

The winning bids will all be going to HEDGE FUNDS and private equity firms. They are “big dogs” with deep pockets who have been acquiring NPN portfolios at a prolific rate, with the intent to resell “one-offs” or smaller lots to individual investors (that’s you and me) for, in many cases, just pennies on the dollar! YOU NEED to know how to work DIRECTLY with these hedge fund managers and we can get you up to speed very quickly!

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