Interesting call I had yesterday that sums it ALL up…

Got a call from a NEW subscriber who, up until about a few weeks ago, I think he said it was– was “spinning his wheels” (as he put it) trying to find notes for sale over the internet and then e-blasting whatever note information he could find to anyone and everyone who looked like they might be a buyer…. long story short, he got nowhere doing that AND THEN he ultimately invested in our #1 flagship program, The Elite Cash Flow Network Support System and he told me he’s got his first couple of deals closed already! He related that our program prompted him to get REALLY SERIOUS AND PROFESSIONAL about his entire approach to finding notes and cash flows through professional networks of attorneys, financial planners, etc– that type of crowd, which is what we advocate all day long—- and then (this is ESPECIALLY important) he told me that nowadays he’s ALWAYS dealing DIRECTLY with the noteholder (or holder of the cash flow).. because he’s honed his entire approach to FINDING notes– they’re almost always bona fide potential deals and he never runs into competition or never gets burned by any other brokers or would-be “daisy-chainers” who have their hands in the till, diluting the profits for everybody– that’s IF those kinds of deals go anywhere at all.

Of course, I’VE been through this path myself a very long time ago and I’ve learned very well from my own mistakes– I’ve been in the business since 1996 when I brokered my first note while I was working for somebody else (in the metalworking/manufacturing and distribution industry) full-time. Back then the internet was JUST coming onto the scene as a medium (and I started this site one year later, BTW, making us the longest-running site on the web dedicated to the cash flow industry, but I digress)– the point I want to make is that my FIRST note deal was found by sending professionally-worded marketing letters to attorneys. I want to share this with you so you can see how the process works. Nothing “rocket-science-y” about it. Got a call, and it was a very low-key, easy conversation– I got a call from an attorney who saw my letter and told me he had a client who had just sold his manufacturing business- and he had taken back financing for PART of the sale price of the business (I believe the seller-financed portion of the sale was for around $30,000 give or take a few $$).

Anyway, the noteholder happened to be local here in Chicago where I live, and I was already dressed up (suit and tie) since I was working in distribution (BTW this was my first deal but my ONLY one where I actually went to SEE the guy– I did it because I said, what the heck, I’m already out and about on the street so why not– but in the cash flow business you will probably NEVER see the people you deal with as ALL our business is done over the phone or through email, etc) and it was a very straightforward and fairly easy process. The guy still had not vacated the manufacturing business that he had just sold– I think he had an arrangement where he was staying on for awhile to run it for the new buyer– so I showed up at his business and he ushered me in and we sat down in his office for a few minutes.

Now, mind you- I had NEVER closed a note before. I had been really frustrated up until that day because I was trying to do the same thing as my subscriber who called yesterday was doing. As I said earlier, the internet was VERY new then, so I was probably one of the first people trying to find notes “listed” over the web (that whole concept is really a crock) and I got really fed up with people who either did not seem to be serious sellers OR (worse yet) people who posted “blind” note information (didn’t know if it was real or not)– with vague info re “property type”, “credit score range” of payors– in other words, “generic” stuff that in many cases was NOT real OR was posted by presumably some deluded wanabee broker who saw it somewhere else and was just trying to quickly act as a “clearinghouse” fishing for a buyer at the same time– anyway, you get my drift and maybe you can relate– WHAT A WASTE of valuable time.

THAT’S WHEN I got smart and started sending professionally-worded marketing letters to attorneys. And almost RIGHT AWAY I got the call I told you about above. ANYWAY, I’m rambling on here (remember that Led Zeppelin song “Ramble On”?? That one just came to mind as I’m writing this– woops, I’m probably dating myself here, but I digress). I could tell you a WHOLE LOT more here, but I just want to cut to the chase– bottom line, I ALREADY knew where I was going to go with the note to get it funded (at that time I dealt with an outfit called Metropolitan Mortgage out of Spokane WA– they split off years ago so they’re no longer around but they were great), so when I met with the noteholder I had the ‘quote sheet’ in hand from Metropolitan and I just sat down as I would in any other meeting or short conversation and simply went down the list and asked him the questions on the sheet. Then I asked if he could give me a COPY of the note and mortgage, which he had right there (actually, I had asked him to have those ready for me before I came in) and I asked him why he’s selling the note (of course the answer was he needed the money but I strongly suggest you ask the question anyway because then the noteholder will probably tell you EXACTLY what they need and why and then once you know that you can tailor the offer to accommodate their needs so he’s happy).

BOTTOM LINE I made about $5,000! I was really, really happy. This was my first note transaction and it was very professional. What I did was I faxed the document copies along with note submission sheet to Metropolitan, got a quote back AND THEN I sent a WRITTEN quote to the gentleman telling him exactly what we would pay for the outstanding balance and what he would need to do to simply “OK” the agreement so that I could submit it to funding and start the process. Anyway, it was very easy and the transaction closed (this was all done by Met– I was privy to the closing date but I never had to be there) in about, I think, 3 weeks AND THEN I got the (approx) $5,000 check in the mail. It was SUCH a good feeling. I had some pesky credit cart debt at the time that I wisely paid off with that check.

AND THEN I thanked the attorney and sent him regular marketing “reminders”. He ended up sending me more business and still does to this day! (Imagine SEVERAL professional referral sources like this in your “stable” working for you. Like the idea? YOU CAN DO THIS, TOO.)

THIS IS THE WHOLE PREMISE OF THE ELITE CASH FLOW NETWORK SUPPORT SYSTEM. We have put together the strongest professional funding network in existence so you know EXACTLY where to funnel your deals to. Not only that, but we are also professional MARKETERS. Meaning that we know how to get in the attorney’s door. YES, attorneys are, what you might say an “indirect” approach– meaning you’re not working off a “list” of supposed noteholders– but it’s far and away the BEST way that’s usually overlooked by the rank amateur AND THIS IS WHAT SEPARATES THE PROS FROM THE RANK AMATEURS. Every type of cash flow or every note origination or sale of any business or home ULTIMATELY goes through the hands of an attorney. So if you contact them directly, you get a “heads up- first call” whenever a potential transaction BEGINS to take form! So, not only do you get the call THEN– but you ALSO get OTHER calls for REPEAT BUSINESS!

And THAT’S how you build an empire. Can you picture yourself doing several transactions each and every month @anywhere from $3000-$10,000 a pop??!! The top 20% of cash flow professionals are doing it AND YOU CAN DO IT TOO.

If this is what you want in your life, THE ELITE CASH FLOW NETWORK SUPPORT SYSTEM is undoubtedly for you!

Now’s a great time to get started. Matter of fact, if you want more $$ in your pocket THIS YEAR, opportunity is all around you because this is simply the hottest business going in today’s financial climate with people’s almost bloodthirsty need for cash coupled with the conventional lending crunch.

If you want to take the bull by the horns and start right now, I strongly suggest you make an immediate move and invest in the program by going to this page:

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