Tip: Go with an Institutional Funder!

institutional-funderThe last thing you want to do is “list” a note on the internet when looking for a buyer. You only want to take a note and submit it to an institutional funder. There is unlimited funding to buy notes. That means when you find a transaction, there is an institutional funder (a corporate funder, if you will) and they will buy your note. So what you never, ever want to do is put a note on the internet in order to solicit offers. Instead, you want to go right to the entity that will pay the most for that note. In past years, a lot of people got into this business because they saw a late night TV program and infomercial. And that’s where a lot of people got their first taste of the business. And the infomercial people did not want you to know about these institutional funders, because it wasn’t in their best interest. That’s something that they wanted to keep tucked away.

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