How to capture noteholder leads on your voicemail like flypaper! (Over and over and over again)

Here’s an angle that I’ve heard from several subscribers that seems to be working REALLY well for them:

They set up a “Hotline” recording for noteholders to call into as they respond to the brokers’ marketing efforts. The Hotline recording explains the entire process and outlines the exact steps involved as to HOW and WHEN THEY can receive cash for their note(s) and puts the noteholder callers absolutely at ease. That’s not ALL the Hotline does– it also PREQUALIFIES the caller so that when they leave their contact number to request a quote and assistance, it’s already a “high grade” lead because the broker knows quite a bit about the potential transaction before returning the call!

Then they can return the calls from out in the field on their cell phones (many brokers start part-time so they need to return calls from noteholders whenever they get a break during the day or night). Many Elite brokers “download” the appropriate “Note Submission worksheet” questionnaire from the Elite Member website and then “save” it as a “text message” on their cell phones.

That way, wherever they happen to be when they return the noteholders’ calls, they can call up the “worksheet” on their cell phone AT THE SAME TIME they are talking to the noteholders so that they can ask the right questions and get the ball rolling. This makes the entire process super-eeeeeasy.

Don’t you LOVE modern technology?! What a great system.

If this interests you, and you would like to set up your own Hotline or something similar, you really need to grab a copy of our “How To Turn 90%..” program and then call when you’ve gone through it– we WILL help you set it up if that is what you want. You can snag the program HERE.

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