Here’s your Cash Flow Business Tip of the Week

As soon as you determine the amount of your referral fee (see the last Tip), it is time to quote the noteholder. ALWAYS send a WRITTEN quote. Never just verbal. The formal quote should be very professional in appearance on YOUR letterhead. In it, you should first state the amount you will pay them for the whole note (the number you got back from the funder less your fee– do not itemize it– just quote them the bottom line) and then go a bit further with a descriptive sentence, i.e., “..When you add up the payments you have already received plus the amount we will be paying you… with the present balance being $__X, I am sure you will find this is a very generous offer..”  or something of that type of verbiage.
Then give them an alternative by also quoting them a PARTIAL purchase and phrase that quote similarly.
The fact that there are two (2) alternatives to get the money they need REALLY works to your advantage in getting the offer accepted.

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