Here’s Your Cash Flow Business Tip of the Week

When the funder has finished their due diligence and completed the closing process (see the last tip), checks to you and the note seller are then cut. The beauty of all of this is that once you send the submission form in, you’re essentially done with your part. You will never have to attend the closing. You’ll receive a check for your agreed-upon fee (that you originally entered onto the note submission form– Elite members can call for help or “hand-holding” to ensure they fill out the forms correctly) by wire or mail and the seller gets a check for the agreed-upon purchase amount.. So, as we said before, filling out the forms correctly in the first place and packaging the transaction is the key to a smooth transition. Our Elite people are better at this step than anyone else. We make sure you learn all of this by osmosis. If you’re like most of us when we first started, once you have the actual check in your hand with a nice 4 figure commission, you will feel a real sense of satisfaction and you may well be hooked for life. Oh, one more thing– you’ll get a 1099 from the funder for tax reporting purposes early next year. That form gets filed with your return.

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