Here’s Your Cash Flow Business Tip of the Week

If the potential note seller is informed as to all of the important issues (addressed within the Note Owner’s Manual) and still wants to keep their note, that’s fine. But you will soon discover that many hard core ‘I won’t take a discount’ types become much easier to deal with.

My original goal in using the Note Owner’s Manual was for the long term marketing benefits. I never anticipated the short term immediate results that this resource generated. I have actually had note owners call in a panic seeking more information about various topics covered in the Note Owner’s Manual. Talk about creating urgency- wow! There are many additional benefits you get when you use this powerful resource. Getting potential note sellers to remember you is critical if you desire long term success. The Note Owner’s Manual works as good as or better than any marketing tool in achieving this goal. My marketing motto is “give them something they will keep” (See previous tips). All your marketing efforts are wasted if the note seller does not have your name and phone number when it comes time for them to sell. Because note owners as a rule keep these manuals, you have achieved a major marketing goal. Even better, people will actually pay for your Note Owner’s Manuals. If they paid you for it they will almost certainly keep it.

Next tip will continue with the topic of “creating urgency – Note Owner’s Manual”.

If you want to see the specific Note Owner’s Manual that I’m using, go here:


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