Here’s Your Cash Flow Business Tip of the Week

One of the most successful marketing resources which will help you SUPERCHARGE your note business is something called a Note Owner’s Manual.


Note Marketing Made Simple

Use these ideas in combination with The Elite Cash Flow Network Support System to close more deals!

The three steps necessary to achieve success are:

Keep-use marketing pieces that note sellers do not discard

Create Urgency-your marketing plan must be designed to create urgency- motivated note holders are the only ones who sell.

Repeat referrals-it is imperative that your marketing be designed so you do multiple transactions with note selling sources.

For you to prosper in this business, understanding and implementing the “creating urgency” step is critical.

One of the most successful marketing resources which will help you SUPERCHARGE your note business is something called a Note Owner’s Manual. I am talking about is an owner’s manual for people who own notes. It is similar to the owner’s manual you get with a car, appliance etc. What struck me about this idea is that people do not throw away owner’s manuals and it is an authoritative written source. The written word is a powerful tool. Years ago there was a segment on the TV show CANDID CAMERA. They posted a sign on the Delaware state line- DELAWARE IS CLOSED TODAY-DO NOT ENTER. Motorists read this sign and pulled off the road. This is an example of the power of the printed word. My Note Owner’s Manual, like any other owner’s manual is a primer on what note owners need to know about the asset they own. The Note Owner’s Manual is easy to read and to understand. Scattered throughout the Manual are highlighted areas called helpful hints. These helpful hints work like magic in doing the one thing that is essential if you want to make money in this business and that is create urgency.

If you want to find out more– and also get a look at the Note owner’s manual I use, you should check out this video.

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