Here’s your Cash Flow Business Tip of the Week

There is a major reversal occurring and about to occur in one of the most, if not THE most important financial markets – the Real Estate market. Because of this, fortunes will be made and lost. This reversal is having a major positive impact on those of us in the Cash Flow business, and /or real estate. There will be $ made (by those of you in the know). THIS MEANS YOU
Making INCOME in the cash flow business is NOT dependent on Real Estate notes because of all of the OTHER types of brokerable cash flows.
However, INVESTING in mortgages for YOUR OWN account is tied VERY CLOSELY to the real estate market because there will be more seller take-backs at better terms (people who have done something they did NOT want to do and DO NOT know what to do with it).
WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO DO? Learn and earn. You need to close several mortgage deals so you can earn some money and learn how the process works. AND at the same time you must learn how to invest. In other words, prepare yourself now for the opportunities which will be coming your way soon. This is one of the few times you will have the advantage of 20/20 foresight.

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