Here’s your Cash Flow Business Tip of the Week

As you funnel notes to funders, you are getting a FREE education by the professionals (and getting paid at the same time). USE it.

Keep a file on all of your “live” note transactions as they progress and put a copy of EVERY closing document that your funder generates INTO that folder.. take an interest in all of the “backend” paperwork and processes that take place during the “due diligence” process that your funder goes through leading up to closing. As you build your file and become intimately familiar with the entire process (and especially after you’ve closed on somewhere around 2 dozen transactions or so and seen them through to payout), you will then gain valuable working knowledge and EXPERIENCE because you’ll know what EVERY document is and how it comes into play. So, then, as you talk to new prospects going forward, you will be VERY comfortable explaining it all, guiding people along, asking the right questions of the people, making the right offers and closing MANY more deals because you’ll know the entire process like the back of your hand. You’re also learning HOW TO INVEST and what to look for because you’re watching the professional buyers do it, so you’re on the path to becoming an expert yourself. This will pay great dividends down the line when you’re ready to invest in notes for your own account.

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