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Even if you have zero experience and don’t know what you’re doing at first, remember that as you generate leads, the “intake sheet” is your friend. Just ask all of the questions on the sheet in a pleasant, conversational manner. At the beginning of the conversation, you should ask (right from the start) the MOST important question: “What are the payments and how many are there?”. After that, you can go down the intake sheet and get the interest rate, terms, etc. You’re probably going to be asked something to the effect of “..How much of a discount am I going to have to take?” And your response should be: “As little as possible. Every note is different. As soon as you give me all of the information, I will take it to funding and will have some numbers for you within hopefully 24 hours”. Then you submit the worksheet to funding. If you have a mentor look over the sheet with you before you submit it (if this is one of your first few notes), your learning curve will be greatly accelerated. Then, the next step is to get a quote back from the funder and then you figure your fee and quote the noteholder (we’ll continue outlining this process in the next tip). is the longest-running cash flow site in the world and the #1 source for industry training and resources. Our training program “The Elite Cash Flow Network Support System” is being used by cash flow practitioners all over the country.

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