Here’s Your Cash Flow Business Tip of the Week

Many cash flow practitioners with a little experience under their belt are significantly compacting the time necessary to build real wealth by bringing in partners (“other people’s money”) and investing in mortgage notes, generating very high rates of return, i.e.  24%, 48%, or over 65%. No other investment vehicle we know of can compare with this kind of potential.
As you’ve learned, profits in BROKERING notes are huge; however, INVESTING in them is where the big money is.
There are several formulas for buying notes that drive up your rate of return and actually lower your risk the higher the return– which creates real wealth without having to wait 20-30 years. Think of the wonder of that– a 20% return could be riskier than a 40% return.
The safety is based on reducing your exposure by using other people’s money and compacting the time by getting paid off early, among other things.

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Tim Fitzgerald

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