When I first started out in the business, I was super-excited when that first call came in (my first lead), but, at the same time, I felt a bit lost– like I didn’t know the right questions to ask. So, I called my mentor (BTW, everybody should have a mentor, especially when first starting out– you’ll be successful that much faster if you can draw upon experienced people to help you) and asked him “What do I say?” He then pointed out the obvious. He told me, “Just ask the questions on the [note intake] sheet and then get back to me”.

“You mean that’s all there is to it?” I said.

Well, yes, Dear Reader– that’s REALLY all there is to it! And, looking back on that watershed moment (my first note), the first piece of advice I would give to new brokers is “don’t make the process more complicated than it really is”.

You CAN comport yourself like a pro EVEN IF this is your first time and you’ve never done this before…. simply put (as they say in sports) “Act like you’ve been there before”.

Just be very professional and ask the questions on the note intake sheet, and then say “I’ll give this to funding, and then I should have you an answer within 24 hours tops”.

You learn by doing this again and again. Soon, it becomes automatic. And, if you’re an Elite Cash Flow Network member you’ve got the benefit of the note intake sheet to protect you from your own inexperience and ensure you ask the right questions.

Then you simply turn it over to funding for quote. I help new Elite members do this all the time. That’s another key benefit of Elite.. the personal one-on-one mentoring you get with me so you do everything right.

OK, that’s it–  talk next week.


(BTW, if on the offhand chance you’re not yet an Elite Cash Flow Network Support system Member, well, then you’re not benefiting from the intake sheet, the one on one mentoring and a myriad of other tools you could and should be utilizing to accelerate your success.

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