Here’s Your Cash Flow Business Tip of the Week

KEY EVIDENCE OF THE GATHERING STRENGTH OF THE CASH FLOW INDUSTRY: With bank lending down and seller financing up by a rather astounding 40% over last year (wow) according to industry monitoring firm ASDS, home prices rose in March for the first time since last July (is loosening the market up), helped by tighter housing inventory. This as reported by data analysis firm CoreLogic today– and it’s especially important to note that, EXCLUDING the sale of distressed properties, prices climbed 0.9 percent on a yearly basis (more movement = more demand = more money to be made). Mark Fleming, chief economist at CoreLogic, said in a statement, “This spring, the housing market is responding to an improving balance between real estate supply and demand, which is causing stabilization in house prices”. Additionally, the major benchmark S&P/Case Shiller index released in late April showed a rise in U.S. single-family home prices in February for the first time in 10 months, with a gain of 0.2 percent on a seasonally adjusted basis.


The greatest BUYER’S MARKET in our lifetime is officially “on” and in full force. Here is the big picture: Banks still aren’t lending. Seller financing is up and filling that void (with a vengeance). As home prices stabilize and tick upwards,  more buyers who want to avoid missing out on the lowest possible deal will be drawn in, and sellers who must sell but have been stuck in place for four + years will continue to take back more financing than ever before in order to move their properties. Resourceful cash flow practitioners are positioning themselves at the epicenter of this movement by helping home sellers liquidate the seller take-back notes they’ve created into lump sums of cash.

KEY POINT: To capitalize on this situation, you must EDUCATE the noteholder. Educated noteholders are the only ones who sell. A simple “I buy notes” message is NOT enough. You have to position yourself as the “go to” expert here. Breaking down the barrier is NOT that hard. It just takes some know-how and the right approach. Our Elite Cash Flow Network members, to name one group, are extremely well-trained for blasting right through these barriers. And I field quite a few excited phone calls from members who, after having broken through on their first deal, then do another, and then another and another. It’s the CONFIDENCE generated by the first one that invariably propels our members on to breakthrough success. You need to work the program! Don’t let it sit on the shelf! Use the incredible resources and mentoring you have right at your fingertips.

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