Here’s your Cash Flow Business Tip of the Week

As soon as you email or fax your properly-filled-out note submission form to the funder (as we described this process in the last tip), the funder then takes over and the clock starts ticking towards a closed transaction. There is quite a bit of paperwork (documentation) that flows between the funder and the seller from that point forward– generally speaking, the funder will do all of the work, BUT you can learn a great deal if you review the document package and keep a file on each note transaction as it progresses. After you close, say, half a dozen transactions, the details should become almost “old hat” to you and when you know the process like the back of your hand, you become an EXPERT.
One more thing that a little experience will teach you is that EVERY transaction is different, in terms of circumstances, type of property used as security, the nature of the people involved, and OF COURSE the numbers– some are big, some are smaller, etc– this is one h*** of an interesting business, and as we think you’ll find very LUCRATIVE.
Sometimes the seller will ask you questions during the closing process about how the transaction is progressing, etc. From time to time you’ll be asked a question you don’t know the answer to (especially if you are a beginner). That’s when you call your personal mentor (me) if you are working The Elite Cash Flow Network Support System. Then, I’ll give you the answer, you get back to the seller, and you learn more and more every time out at the same time you are getting paid.
Next tip, we’ll tell you about the closing process.

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