Here’s Your Cash Flow Business Tip of the Week

The consensus that I’ve been hearing from many of you is that ATTORNEYS as note referral sources are quite straightforward and are rather easy to work with. As a matter of course, they deal with clients’ “issues” all of the time (heck, that’s what they do for a living).

POINT OF FACT: Just about EVERY cash flow that someone has taken back or is about to take back has gone or is going through the hands of an attorney.

So, going straight to ATTORNEYS with your marketing is like tapping into a superconductor for notes. (That should excite you if you are in this business for keeps).

Here’s another pretty wonderful observation that I’ve made: The attorneys that end up being REGULAR note referral sources generally DO NOT ASK for anything in return (like a fee or anything). They’re being paid by their client (on retainer) anyway to handle these affairs, and they are just busy people who, as a matter of course, will call you and say something like “I saw your ad, letter, flyer, etc and I have a client that is collecting payments on [such and such], but he needs to cash out and is interested in selling the rest of the payments. Can you help or would you be interested?..”  AND THEN all you do is ask the right questions that your funder has told you to ask, AND THERE YOU GO! Generally speaking, it’s pretty easy. REALLY.

And if you handle yourself in a professional manner, you will get MORE referrals from the same attorney. Do this with SEVERAL attorneys, and THEN you can see how efficiently your business will MULTIPLY. (for illustrative purposes let’s figure 1 transaction per month x $5,000 assuming an average referral fee of between $2-$10,000)= give or take some $60,000 per year. 2 transactions per month = $120,000 per year, etc, etc) YOUR GOAL is to do SEVERAL per month but I’m just trying to spell it out for you.

If you want to be trained right in marketing to ATTORNEYS, the ONE

program I implore EVERYONE to get ahold of is “How To Turn 90% Of The People Who Won’t Sell Their Notes Into  Big Time Cash Profits”. IF YOU already have the program, go through it again and then utilize your Elite member CONSULTING privileges if you need further help on how to implement the strategies.

You’ll be EXTREMELY glad you did.

Here is a link to the program:

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