Here’s Your Cash Flow Business Tip of the Week

Push your marketing hard (but not expensively) to the financial planners, accountants and attorneys over the next 4 weeks. With tax time approaching, many people unload assets (such as notes) at the same general time they file last year’s returns. Many brokers make serious hay in March and April.

Direct mail marketing vs email marketing

There is a tendency by some today to think of direct mail as the ‘ugly child of marketing’, but you’d be wrong if you buy into that. Large scale marketers are still mailing hundreds of billions of marketing pieces through the mails because it yields a high return on investment, despite its lack of “glimmer”. Direct mail is targetable, you can tell a lot, sell a lot, control cost and scale it.

Mail is a powerful workhorse that needs to be part of any marketer’s quiver.

CFOs of small and medium sized firms (the exact type of law and accounting firms we’re after) are still opening and reading mail.

Direct mail with the url of your business website can make your campaign as a whole work harder and stronger. Mail still resonates in the human psyche as an important sales tool. Still today, anything sent in an envelope is perceived as important; you have the bills and then the promotional and personal mail.

Email needs to be deployed, but it has to compete with lots of spam and clutter. Direct mail is not going away. The large scale marketers (credit card, wireless and satellite companies) know the place of mail and aggressively market through that channel.

On the other hand, smart cash flow practitioners operate on a much smaller scale, targeting well and controlling costs by distributing marketing pieces that repeat referral sources like attorneys, accountants and financial planners tend to keep. And right around tax time, that’s especially invaluable in our business because that drives our business. Hint: Think professional note appraiser brochures.

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