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It’s already March, so now is the time to set yourself up to have (potentially) the best financial year of your life. Are you behind on building your retirement plan? If so, you will never have a better opportunity to make up for lost time than this year. That’s because there are now more seller take-back notes being created– and at better terms– than at any prior time in history. So the scope of opportunity as well as profit potential is unprecedented, and waiting until next year could be a serious financial error because you always want to be a buyer in a buyer’s market– not the other way around.

Investing in discounted notes can greatly reduce the time frame needed to amass serious wealth. The reason is that the rates of return you can realize are much higher than mainstream market rates, so you reach your goals much faster. One of the most effective and powerful ways to accomplish this is to find a grade-A quality note and purchase it with partner(s) who are looking for rates of return substantially above market. (It’s possible to do transactions using ONLY your partner(s)’ money and NOT your own, but we’ll get into this later.)

If your partner is willing to pay $X and  the note seller is willing to accept $X amount LESS than you and your partner have agreed to pay (your partner is still getting a rate of return much higher than he can find anywhere else), you are actually putting less $ into the transaction than your partner and, consequently, you achieve a higher rate of return.

On top of that, your RISK actually goes DOWN (because, again, you have less $ in the transaction and at the same time your rate of return is HIGHER– in other words, low risk high reward which is the hallmark of the note investing business).


$5,000 (on a grand scale, the average profit from one note transaction) invested once a year at 35% (which is very possible to achieve and we will show you how in future Tips– we’ve only just begun) will yield $1,270,000 in just 15 years.

Imagine doing this many times over in differing variations and combinations (which we teach you how to do) and you can see how the # of years needed to amass wealth can be greatly reduced. So this can be achieved in just a few short years.

Before you begin investing, however, you must first “learn and earn”– that is, close several mortgage note deals so you can generate income and learn how the process works by watching the institutional buyer close the deal. At the same time, you must learn how to invest so that you are fully prepared when a good note come along later this year.

If you wait another year, you will very likely miss out on the most important financial opportunity in over 80 years (since the Great depression years). This is because the most important financial market (the Real Estate market) has undergone a complete reversal. This, coupled with the conventional lending crunch has caused the seller financing sector to snowball. And now the spring buying season is right around the corner and home prices may now have bottomed out– poised to begin the inevitable upward tick.

So, while seller financing is still at an all-time high, NOW is the time to begin to amass your fortune. There is no better vehicle than discounted notes to accomplish this and no better time.

What you can do: Step up your marketing to increase the # of deals you will find. Keep “learning and earning”. And at the same time, learn how to invest in discounted notes and create high rates of return.

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