Here’s Your Cash Flow Business Tip of the Week

There are three steps to financial success in the Cash Flow business:

1. Generate Income by brokering notes;

2. Invest in discounted notes for your own portfolio;

3. Plan to retire

For years, in our teachings we have primarily concentrated on step one (brokering); that is, you find a cash flow and then flip it, take your profit and move on to the next transaction. But now is the time to teach step 2 (investing for your own account).


Whenever a major financial market reverses itself is when fortunes are made or lost.

We have entered a period of unbelievable opportunity. Fortunes are being made by those who prepare for and recognize opportunity (and take advantage) when it comes.

On the flip side, fortunes are being lost by those who do not recognize (or do recognize but still do not take advantage of) opportunity when it comes.

You are in the best business in the world right now at the right time. Do not fail to pounce on this opportunity that I will be spelling out for you shortly.

A major reversal has occurred in one of the most, if not THE most important financial markets – the Real Estate market. This reversal is having a major positive impact on those of us in the Cash Flow business, and /or real estate who know how to take advantage of it.

There will be $ made (by those of you in the know), and that can be YOU because you are a subscriber and therefore an industry insider. I’ve waited for several years for the real estate market to turn, and turn it has.


Generating income in the cash flow business (see Step 1 above) is NOT dependent on Real Estate notes because of all of the other types of NON- real estate backed cash flows available. However, INVESTING in discounted mortgages for your own account (step 2) is tied very closely to the Real Estate market because there are now and will continue to be (1) more seller take back loans at (2) better terms than ever before- held by people who have done something they did NOT want to do and do not know what to do with it. And that spells OPPORTUNITY.

I have not talked about investing in notes for many years, because the time was not right. But the time is right now.


It is happening now; and has been happening for four + years running now. And all of the signs point to brand new REAL opportunities starting 6-9-12 months from now… still more than enough time for you to prepare for this bonanza if you’re not involved already. This is something (investing in notes) that you will not do tomorrow (if you’re a beginner), but you must start to prepare now.


Learn and earn. You need to close several mortgage deals so you can earn some money and learn how the process works. AND at the same time you must learn how to invest. In other words prepare yourself now for the NEW opportunities which will be coming your way soon. This is one of the few times you will have the advantage of 20/20 foresight.

In the next Tip, we will expound on this.

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