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Do I need to know computers or have a computer to get involved with this business?? I’m not very “tech-savvy”. Is this going to be a barrier for me??

>>>MY COMMENTS: Not at all. I’m mostly “old school” myself. Actually, I’m probably about 60/40 “old school/new school”. I got into computers (kicking and screaming because I was forced to) in 1996. I took to it pretty well, but up until that time, the internet wasn’t even mainstream. This business was marketed entirely by direct mail. And I’m STILL very big on direct mail. The internet is JUST ANOTHER CHANNEL.

The base modus operandi has NOT changed and never will. It’s all about getting in front of the right people by whatever means. Facebook is a tool like anything else. But to use that as your sole- or even main- marketing method is ludicrous. So what if you get their attention one time. That isn’t enough. Do they keep coming back to your page?? You’ve got to get them to remember you and keep what you send them and repeat your message over and over so when the time is right, they will contact you and you will get the business.

Direct mail is still THE #1 way to make sure your message gets into their hands and stays there. If you AREN’T tech-savvy, don’t worry about it. Not a problem. Computers help you to do certain things faster (i.e. word processing, compiling contact names, etc) and the internet certainly gives you many channels to spread the word around but it’s certainly NOT a handicap if you don’t have a computer. A PHONE is the only essential tool. A fax machine is very helpful for transferring documents, but if you don’t have a fax it’s not the end of the world. You can run this business from your kitchen table if the need be.

If you can market directly to the professional sector (attorneys, etc) and do it consistently (over and over) and effectively (getting them to keep what you send them), THEN you are cooking with gas!

If you want a REALLY effective tool for reaching the professional sector WITHOUT making a major investment, check this out:

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