Here’s Your Cash Flow Business Tip of the Week

You might be confused as to which way to go with your marketing plan– i.e. we’ve talked about note owner’s  manuals, note appraisals, etc. in order to tap into all the business that’s out there today.

Just know that if you do nothing but sent out letters at first (if that’s all you’ve got in your arsenal) that’s OK but (this is the key) as long as you do it CONSISTENTLY and you SAY THE RIGHT THINGS, there’s plenty of business out there to be had. But if you really want to maximize your potential and expand your business faster,  just remember that the “stickiness” of your material is important, i.e. you want your marketing piece to “stick around’ for awhile and not get thrown out and it’s better to use SEVERAL avenues to generate business. Note owner’s manuals (or something similar) are great for that because NOT ONLY do financial professionals hang on to these– they also DISTRIBUTE them to their cashflow-holding clients AND to other professionals (I’m always amazed at to the reach these things have– it’s very exciting). And this generates calls and business through different avenues– from the referral source as well as the clients themselves and on a whole different level. You subscribers who are now doing business on this level know firsthand how this really quickens the pulse!

Furthermore, appraisals meet client’s needs on a whole other level yet and this leads to even more business. You see, it’s all about your ability to deliver CREDIBLE INFORMATION to the client to meet their needs (you’re also HELPING THEM IDENTIFY THEIR OWN NEEDS AND SELF-INTEREST) and at the same time you ADVISE them as to what their options are AND drive home the point that you are the “go to” company, person, entity, etc that can get it done for them. Show them, tell them, demonstrate and convince them beyond all doubt that YOU can meet this need for them, and you’re going to be thrilled with the amount of new business this can bring in.

P.S. Here is an option for those who want to get a faster start.

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