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QUESTION: Tim, I seem to be reaching lawyers and CPAs, financial planners and that crowd on a whole new level… the approaches that I’ve picked up through your “How To Turn 90%..” program are far and away the best I’ve ever seen. I’ve never been this excited before because now I can SEE with my own eyes how much better these marketing approaches are and– this hit me like a jolt once I started sending these pieces out– why limit myself to just notes?? I’m seeing a WHOLE lot of other business potential there.

Case in point: I know 2 people who were in a bad car accident last year and they were awarded (I think) a million something each but now they’re saying it’s not enough because the face value sounded high but they’re getting it in yearly payments– something like $30,000 a year each, give or take. They’re hearing from companies that buy structured settlements for lump sums of cash and one of these friends has told me he’s coming to the realization that he’s losing a ton of interest he could be earning on a lump sum– even if he had to take less than face value if he were to cash out. The other friend can’t work because of his injuries and he’s saying the installment payments aren’t even enough to live on! Now he wants cash instead. He sounds really fed up.

I can broker these structured settlements, can’t I?? I know these lawyers have got to be a great source for these. (Please answer quickly if you can- I need to know WHAT DO I SAY to these attorneys to get a crack at these types of cash flows??)


You’re right- structured settlements are a HUGE part of our business. Jump on it! I’ll tell you how in a moment, but let me first say the situation you’re describing is very, VERY typical. There are just all sorts of court settlements and lawsuit awards taking almost every conceivable shape or form and LAWYERS are a hotbed for these cash flows. Once you establish your credibility with attorneys (and I would market to all kinds of attorneys– personal injury lawyers would immediately come to mind but do not forget estate planning attorneys and financial planners), they ALL have clients in all sorts of life situations and IF YOU ADD STRUCTURED SETTLEMENTS to your note marketing “arsenal”, you’ve tapping into an enormous profit center unto itself.

If you’re already doing note appraisals, for example, then structured settlements can naturally follow that or even rear their head at the same time. The key is how you react. You’ve got to PRESENT your services in the right way and to do that you need to understand the PSYCHOLOGY involved with structured settlement recipients! If you understand what exactly takes place IN THE MIND OF THE CLIENT when a court settlement is awarded AND ALSO how insurance companies and defense lawyers sell (YES, I said “SELL”) the client on taking installment payments as opposed to a lump sum, then you can talk WITH INTELLIGENCE about what you can do for the client.

Here’s what to do to IMMEDIATELY tap into this enormous market. You’re going to love this. You market to the same attorneys you’re already approaching for OTHER types of cash flows by use of the guidance contained within the “How To Turn 90%..” program. Just let it be known that you buy structured court settlements too!

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